Choosing Happiness – Robert Holden

We live our lives in the hopes that just one more thing will complete our happiness. The ego’s conditioned thought is that something is missing. And so we look for he missing piece to bring us salvation. And yet, no matter how many things we purchase, gather, and collect, we still feel as if something’s … Continue reading

5 Tips for Positive Thinking – Sonia Choquette

All creation begins with thought. So why not choose good thoughts, beliefs, and ideas to generate positive outcomes? The key is to be deliberate in your thinking so that you produce desirable results. Often unconsciously, however, your attention can be controlled by ego. At this level, you are concentrating on negative images, insecurities, doubts, imagined … Continue reading

Healthy Habit # 4: Worry Less, Enjoy More – Brian L. Weiss

Worrying cannot effect positive change or growth. It will not change the future. WE HAVE SO MANY WORRIES. We worry about money, yet we know that money is only a tool, a means to an end. What we really want is happiness, a bit of security in our lives, some modicum of joy. Happiness, security, … Continue reading

5 Steps to Happiness – Debra Bokur

We all have challenges and moments of negativity in our lives, and no one can possibly be happy 24/7. It isn’t, well, human. There are things we can do, however, to put ourselves into a happy, positive frame of mind while still being realistic about life. Happiness, sometimes, really is a choice we have to … Continue reading

Be Happy – the Dalai Lama Way

One great question underlies our experience, whether we think about it consciously or not: What is the purpose of life? I have considered this question and would like to share my thoughts in the hopes that they may be of direct, practical benefit to those who read them. I believe that the purpose of life is … Continue reading

Give Yourself A Life Audit

We sometimes feel we’re experiencing the same negative scenarios and behaviours over and over again. To take control of your life, it’s essential to examine the underlying beliefs that you have about yourself. Between the time we were born up till the end of our childhood, we had already accumulated numerous life experiences and relationships … Continue reading

Following Your Bliss – Sonia Choquette

We often race through the day, meeting obligations, duties and deadlines, that we have often have no time left to do the things we love—whether it be dancing, starting a new project, or playing music. On top of this, the way we live our life can be governed by others’ expectations, or even by the … Continue reading

I’m Surviving, Why Do I Need Self-Help?

Many of us go through life without relying on a self-help book, talking to a therapist, or taking up a personal development course. Sure, we may be far from getting over a major setback or suffering a dent in self-confidence, but it doesn’t mean we are necessarily living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. According … Continue reading

7 Surefire Stress-Busters – Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.

Whether it’s a new year, new season, new month, week or day, you can always choose to make this moment a new beginning—or choose to start fresh—to make choices about improving your health. One of the best ways to bring wellness into your world is to decrease the level of stress you experience on a … Continue reading

Yes, you can change old habits! – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

People are forever using excuses as if they were actually true, holding them back from their goals, dreams and desires. Such statements as: It would be very difficult for me to change . . . If I changed, it would create family dramas . . . I’m too old or too young to change . … Continue reading