Fractal Time – Gregg Braden

Did you know that all events – from war and peace between nations, to personal relationships and familial hardships – are actually the repeating patterns of our past? According to bestselling author Gregg Braden, as each pattern returns, it carries the same conditions of previous cycles. These are called fractal patterns – able to be known, measured, and predicted! In Fractal Time, Braden merges ancient and modern world views into a powerful new model of time.

Messages from Spirit – Colette Baron-Reid

Extraordinary? Unusual? It’s not! Messages from Spirit are received every day by ordinary people in a multitude of ways. We are made of, and surrounded by, an all-knowing Divine field of intelligence that is just waiting to guide us and give us help whenever we ask for it. We just need to learn how to enter the conversation and understand the dialogue. So how do we ask? How do we receive and interpret the answers?

The Vitamin D Revolution – Soram Khalsa

We’ve been told to ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ for years and to check our skin regularly for any abnormal spots. Yes, it’s great advice, but we’re hardly told about the benefits we can actually get from sunlight. Now, Soram Khalsa, M.D., sheds new light on the power of a long-forgotten benefit we get from the sun—Vitamin D. He reveals how to recognise signs of Vitamin D deficiency, and shares insights from his Beverly Hills medical practice where he normalises his own patients’ Vitamin D levels for their optimal health.

The Kabbalah Code – James Twyman

Here is a sneak peak of James Twyman’s The Kabbalah Code. James Twyman embarked on a quest to discover the true meaning of the Sacred Names of God, leading him to an adventure in Paris that changes his life forever.

Women and Money – Suze Orman

I never thought I’d write a book about money just for women. I never thought it was necessary. So, then, why am I doing just that in my eighth book? And why now? Let me explain.

An Interview with Chris Prelitz on Green Made Easy

Green Made Easy isn’t about theory or statistics. It’s full of stories and easy, simple ways that I have discovered to walk more lightly on the planet and save money at the same time. I made lots of mistakes on the way to creating a home where I get a credit instead of a bill from our power company. I want to help others avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

From Stress to Success – Dr. John Demartini

Most people don’t mind stress as long as it’s someone else’s and they don’t have to deal with it. Of course you know that stress impacts your life—everyone knows that. But what if you could turn that stress into success? What kind of life could you then lead?

Excuses Begone! – Dr Wayne W. Dyer

In Excuses Begone! Dr. Wayne W. Dyer reveals how to change lifelong, self-defeating thinking patterns that prevent you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health. You may know what to think but find it terribly difficult to change thinking habits that have been with you since childhood. The following is an … Continue reading