Healthy Habit #5: Give up the Need to Know – Caroline Myss

GIVING UP THE NEED to know why something has happened to you will definitely count among the most rigorous personal challenges of your life. Everything about human nature craves an explanation for why events occur as they do. Our sense of reason is more than just an attribute of the mind; it is akin to … Continue reading

Healthy Habit # 4: Worry Less, Enjoy More – Brian L. Weiss

Worrying cannot effect positive change or growth. It will not change the future. WE HAVE SO MANY WORRIES. We worry about money, yet we know that money is only a tool, a means to an end. What we really want is happiness, a bit of security in our lives, some modicum of joy. Happiness, security, … Continue reading

Healthy Habit #3: Pray – Gregg Braden

PRAYER IS PERHAPS ONE of the most ancient and mysterious of human experiences. It’s also one of the most personal. Even before the word prayer appeared in spiritual practices, the oldest records of the Christian and Gnostic traditions used words such as communion to describe our ability to speak with the unseen forces of the … Continue reading

Healthy Habit #2: Create a Sacred Workplace – Sonia Choquette

HAVE YOU EVER ENTERED a business and immediately reacted to the vibes, especially negative ones? I know I have. There was once a restaurant on Halsted Street in Chicago that had such notoriously bad vibes that no matter who owned it or how aggressively they redecorated or revamped the place, the funky vibes still remained. … Continue reading

Healthy Habit #1: Say No to Resentment – Wayne W. Dyer

THE 79TH VERSE of the Tao Te Ching, which has been especially helpful to me personally, can be called “Living Without Resentment.” We’re asked to change the way we hold resentments following a difference of opinion or an outright quarrel. Now what causes annoyance and anger after a dispute? The generic response would be a … Continue reading

I Can Do It! – The Countdown Begins

In the lead up to the highly-anticipated appearance of Wayne W. Dyer, Sonia Choquette, Caroline Myss, Gregg Braden and Brian Weiss at I Can Do It!, we want to bring you a week of blogs by these authors under the theme:  ‘HEALTHY HABITS FOR A BETTER LIFE.’ We’ll feature one I CAN DO IT! author a … Continue reading

9 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power – Susan Smith Jones

1. Grab an apple a day The old saying that an apple a day could keep the doctor away is really true when it comes to your brainpower.  This much-loved fruit has a potent antioxidant that appears to protect brain cells from free-radical damage, a Cornell University study says. Quercetin may be the magic compound. … Continue reading

Resist Procrastination: Do you want to let yourself down?

Most of us can relate to putting off cleaning up that pile of junk, delaying the bills, or trying to find the time for filing paperwork. According to psychologists and authors of Defenders of the Heart, Marilyn Kagan and Neil Einbund, these “I’ll get around to it later” dilemmas come from a place of fear—and … Continue reading

Get Body Happy in 8 Simple Steps! – Sonia Choquette

The body is the vehicle through which we journey in this lifetime, so it’s essential to maintain it with high-octane fuel, the kind that can fuel your body at the cellular level. As spiritual beings, our consciousness permeates our entire being from the nuclei of our cells to the edges of our auras. Our physical bodies … Continue reading

5 Steps to Happiness – Debra Bokur

We all have challenges and moments of negativity in our lives, and no one can possibly be happy 24/7. It isn’t, well, human. There are things we can do, however, to put ourselves into a happy, positive frame of mind while still being realistic about life. Happiness, sometimes, really is a choice we have to … Continue reading