Do You Shop for Happiness? – Robert Holden

I like the story told of Socrates, the Greek philosopher, who was known for his love of marketplaces. He would always visit a market if his schedule permitted. Often, he would alter his schedule to make sure he could. It was noted, however, that Socrates rarely bought anything at the markets. One of Socrates’ students … Continue reading

Do You Self-Sabotage? – Denise Linn

Watch your thoughts and notice the number of questions that you ask yourself during the day. Some are simple such as, “I wonder if I have time to make the bus?” or “Should I tell that woman she has spinach in her teeth?” However, you might notice some rather disturbing recurring questions, such as, “Why … Continue reading

What Makes You Happy?

Nothing can beat a good meal with friends or a hot summer’s day spent relaxing and reading at the beach to make me happy. Sure I wouldn’t mind more money in the bank, longer legs and maybe owning a holiday house in the Bahamas, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be happy with less that. … Continue reading

I’m Surviving, Why Do I Need Self-Help?

Many of us go through life without relying on a self-help book, talking to a therapist, or taking up a personal development course. Sure, we may be far from getting over a major setback or suffering a dent in self-confidence, but it doesn’t mean we are necessarily living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. According … Continue reading

Is It OK to Give Up?

There’s countless phrases encouraging us to keep on going when the chips are down. We’re told to ‘stick it out’, that there’s ‘no pain, no gain’ or that we shouldn’t just give up or ‘throw in the towel.’ Ideally, we’d like to put on a brave face and persevere with our goals or dreams that … Continue reading

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! – Dr Robert Holden

It’s official – the pursuit of happiness has speeded up! We are chasing after happiness faster than ever.  And the faster we run, the longer the race becomes. In recent years our happiness levels have not risen.  We are experiencing what researchers call “static happiness.”  In the 1940s when people were asked, “How happy are … Continue reading