The Great Big Let Go – Robert Holden

To be happy, you have to be open. This is a big challenge, because the nature of personal psychology is to help your ego feel contained, secure, and in charge. An ego achieves its sense of identity by closing down options, by restricting choices, and by making up your mind about things. If you want … Continue reading

Do You Shop for Happiness? – Robert Holden

I like the story told of Socrates, the Greek philosopher, who was known for his love of marketplaces. He would always visit a market if his schedule permitted. Often, he would alter his schedule to make sure he could. It was noted, however, that Socrates rarely bought anything at the markets. One of Socrates’ students … Continue reading

Choosing Happiness – Robert Holden

We live our lives in the hopes that just one more thing will complete our happiness. The ego’s conditioned thought is that something is missing. And so we look for he missing piece to bring us salvation. And yet, no matter how many things we purchase, gather, and collect, we still feel as if something’s … Continue reading

Being Happy, Doing Nothing – Robert Holden

The following story is asking you what has to happen – according to you – before you let yourself be happy: It was a beautiful, hot, lazy summer day and Billy was fishing by the river. After a while, a stranger in a suit and tie walked by. “How are you doing?” asked the stranger. … Continue reading

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! – Dr Robert Holden

It’s official – the pursuit of happiness has speeded up! We are chasing after happiness faster than ever.  And the faster we run, the longer the race becomes. In recent years our happiness levels have not risen.  We are experiencing what researchers call “static happiness.”  In the 1940s when people were asked, “How happy are … Continue reading