Create Your Exceptional Life – Cheryl Richardson

This week I’m excited to send you an excerpt from my new book. You Can Create an Exceptional Life chronicles time spent with a woman whose work has been deeply influential in my life. As a matter of fact, Louise’s first book, You Can Heal Your Life, set me off on my own journey of self-discovery. Who knew … Continue reading

You are worthy – Don’t block your power to manifest!

Have you ever tried to pay someone a compliment and seen them embarrassed, confused, or even somewhat irked at your offering of kindness, love, and admiration? Or maybe, you have been on the receiving end and found yourself uncomfortable and unable to respond with gratitude and grace. This everyday example of the difficulties that can … Continue reading

Your Intention Connection – WAYNE W. DYER

WHEN YOU FEEL CONNECTED to and in harmony with the universal mind of intention, you’ll sense a major difference in how other people react to you. These reactions are important because they bear directly on your ability to fulfill your own individual intentions, your goals and dreams. The more closely you resonate with the frequencies of the universal … Continue reading