An Interview with Brian Weiss on Regression, Reincarnation and Remembering

How can we access our past-lives? It’s certainly possible to have actual past-life regression through regression exercises, although many other types of relaxation or meditation techniques can lead to the same thing as well.  People may also experience past-life recall during dreams or déjà vu, spontaneously, or in many other ways. For example, my first … Continue reading

Discover 7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence – Wayne W. Dyer

Wayne W. Dyer offers seven of his top tips to boost your confidence. When you remove self-limiting beliefs, excuses and and doubts, he says, you unlock the power in you to achieve a more fulfilling, empowering and enjoyable life.

Do YOU trust in YOU? – Richard Brodie

Emerson once wrote about people’s fear of trusting themselves. He saw that so much failure and misery in the world was a result of people failing to trust their own judgment. Yet the ironic thing is: We are always making our own decisions. Either that or we make our own indecisions, which often lead to … Continue reading

The Keys to Authentic Spirited Living – Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette shows us the keys to self-love and living in connection with your spirit within.

Repetitive Numbers Don’t Just Appear By Chance! – Doreen Virtue

Repetitive numbers don’t just appear by chance – they’re signs from your angels and the universe. Doreen Virtue shares several stories of people who have noticed recurring numbers in their life, providing them guidance, confirmation and answers to their current life situation or life’s path.

Do We Welcome Change, Or Do We Stop It? – Wayne W. Dyer

Wayne W. Dyer helps us embrace change and remove the excuses that hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams. Our feelings and our soul’s calling are the things that help us to know if making the change is right for us.

Divine Guidance At Your Fingertips – Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue believes we can all connect with our angels and possess natural psychic abilities. The most popular way to connect with angels is through the use of oracle cards. By listening to our intuition, we can get the answers we seek in all areas of our life: love, health, career and relationships.

An Interview with Sonia Choquette on Love, Intuition and Living Well

An interview with intuitive Sonia Choquette based on her lastest book Traveling at the Speed of Love. She talks about love, intuition and living well.

Author and Rwandan Survivor Immaculee tours Oz!

Immaculee Iligabiza is the author of the book Led by Faith. Born in Rwanda, she lost most of her family during the 1994 genocide. Four years later, she emigrated to the United States and began working at the United Nations in New York City. She is now a full time public speaker and writer and … Continue reading

The Power of Goals – Peggy McColl

Is there any power in having a goal? You bet there is! The first thing that comes to my mind is the old saying, ‘A person without a goal is like a ship without a course.’ Just think of the ramifications of being a ship without a course. Where will you end up? Sure you … Continue reading