Wish List Wonders – Doreen Virtue

I’ve written down my desires and goals for many years, always with amazing results. I once believed that goal setting was just a tool for career and financial success. Goal-setting helped me become published at age 30, a bestselling author appearing on national television at age 31, and the owner of a great house, car, … Continue reading

Vision: The Key to Manifesting – Sonia Choquette

DIVINE LAW STATES that any image held constant will materialize. To grasp this concept, simply look at the physical world. The chair you are sitting in, the floor under your feet, the roof over your head, and even the clothes on your back came into existence as a result of a long-held vision being made … Continue reading

The Power of Goals – Peggy McColl

Is there any power in having a goal? You bet there is! The first thing that comes to my mind is the old saying, ‘A person without a goal is like a ship without a course.’ Just think of the ramifications of being a ship without a course. Where will you end up? Sure you … Continue reading

Your Success Checklist – Richard Brodie

Creating a Success Checklist gives you a straightforward way to improve your quality of life in any situation. The first step  is to figure out what your fulfillment needs are. Because whatever your idea of success is, it’s going to be something that meets those needs.When you meet all your fulfillment needs, you feel confident, successful, … Continue reading

The Simple Way to be the Creator of Your Life – Michael Neill

Have you ever been in a stressful situation? Seen a powerful movie? Read a sad novel or an inspiring book? I can guarantee that you haven’t, because each one of those qualities—stress, power, sadness, and inspiration—are actually inside you, not part of the event you’re attributing them to. You’re the one experiencing the stress, power, … Continue reading

I’m Surviving, Why Do I Need Self-Help?

Many of us go through life without relying on a self-help book, talking to a therapist, or taking up a personal development course. Sure, we may be far from getting over a major setback or suffering a dent in self-confidence, but it doesn’t mean we are necessarily living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. According … Continue reading

Is It OK to Give Up?

There’s countless phrases encouraging us to keep on going when the chips are down. We’re told to ‘stick it out’, that there’s ‘no pain, no gain’ or that we shouldn’t just give up or ‘throw in the towel.’ Ideally, we’d like to put on a brave face and persevere with our goals or dreams that … Continue reading