Shielding and Psychic Protection – Doreen Virtue

It’s important to energetically shield yourself whenever you’re going to be in a situation with lower energies, such as a public place, or when you’re around ailing or angry people. This is especially important for sensitive individuals who tend to absorb others’ energy. To shield yourself, just imagine, think, or see yourself completely enveloped in … Continue reading

What is Etheric Cord Cutting? – Doreen Virtue

When we have fear-based attachments to a person or an object, we form spiritual leashes to keep the person or object from leaving or changing. These leashes look like surgical tubing and they grow larger as a function of the length and intensity of the relationship. So, the largest cords are to parents, siblings, and other … Continue reading

Looking for Answers? – Doreen Virtue

THE ARCHANGELS ARE VERY REAL, powerful, nondenominational angels who oversee the guardian angels. Think of them as the guardian angels’ managers. Archangels are messengers from the Creator to the created, who help us with every area of our lives. They protect us and guide us, bringing about peace on earth, one person at a time. … Continue reading

Eat More to Lose Weight? – Doreen Virtue

IT’S IMPORTANT TO EAT THREE times a day, although I understand that this concept makes some people anxious. “But I’ll gain weight if I do that!” you may be saying right now. I used to believe that if I ate breakfast, I’d gain weight—never realizing that skipping breakfast was keeping me 10 to 55 pounds … Continue reading

Raw Foods: The Nutritional and Spiritual Benefits – Doreen Virtue

Our bodies need vitamins and minerals for basic and optimal health, and the best source for these nutrients is fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are some of the beneficial properties and contents of raw food: — Enzymes. Uncooked foods contain enzymes, which are proteins that are catalysts for digestion, immune-system functioning, energy production, and brain activity. Since heat … Continue reading

Are You Good to Yourself? – Doreen Virtue

Do you find yourself saying that you will only like yourself when you reach that perfect weight? Studies show that you need plenty of confidence in yourself in order to successfully lose weight. This is because you need to trust that you’ll stick with an eating and exercise plan; without this belief you’ll end up … Continue reading

What Is An Angel Intuitive? – Doreen Virtue

Your angels are always ready to assist you whenever you need a hand, perhaps in finding your soulmate, knowing what to do about your career and finances, or assisting you with other important life issues. Angel Intuitives (AIs) are powerful psychics and healers who work primarily with the angelic realm with the intention of helping themselves … Continue reading

Repetitive Numbers Don’t Just Appear By Chance! – Doreen Virtue

Repetitive numbers don’t just appear by chance – they’re signs from your angels and the universe. Doreen Virtue shares several stories of people who have noticed recurring numbers in their life, providing them guidance, confirmation and answers to their current life situation or life’s path.

Divine Guidance At Your Fingertips – Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue believes we can all connect with our angels and possess natural psychic abilities. The most popular way to connect with angels is through the use of oracle cards. By listening to our intuition, we can get the answers we seek in all areas of our life: love, health, career and relationships.