Louise L. Hay’s Affirmations for Self-Love

While it’s a wonderful thing to experience romantic love, the most important love we can attain is self-love. Truly loving ourselves means having a deep appreciation for who we are, including what we see as our “faults.” It’s sad, but many of us refuse to love ourselves until we reach some self-imposed goal such as losing weight or making … Continue reading

How Guarded Are You?

Keeping our hearts shielded can keep us at an arm’s length from pain, but putting them up constantly can be an unhealthy way to handle uncomfortable feelings and emotions. Take the below quiz to find out what best describes you in each of the following scenarios and you will discover your defending style. You got … Continue reading

The Real Story on Finding Your Soul Mate – Dr John F Demartini

“Be yourself.” Your mother and anyone else who’s ever counseled you on love have probably told you this. It’s straightforward advice that most of us take as useless, empty flattery, as in “You’re great the way you are, and if people don’t recognise that, they’re fools.” Yeah, okay. Thanks, Mum. Until you’re ready to look … Continue reading