How Do I Get Published? – Leon Nacson

If you dream of getting published but are scratching your head on what to do or where to send it to, the good news is that it’s never been a better time to get your book out there. So how do you actually get your book on the shelf in this ever-changing world of publishing? … Continue reading

Agree to Disagree – Leon Nacson

What a boring world it would be if we all agreed with each other. The tension created when opposite views clash actually makes life interesting. Are you endeavouring to create more spice in your life by openly disagreeing with another person? Who is disagreeing with whom in your dream? If you were in disagreement with … Continue reading

Dreaming of Butterflies? – Leon Nacson

I continually get asked to explore symbols and their meaning and in my coming blogs I will do that. Always remember, it’s more important to explore the emotion than the symbol. Unfortunately, the way our dreams are experienced, you need a symbol to create the emotion. This is better than what comes first, the chicken … Continue reading

Keeping Your Emotions on Track – Leon Nacson

If you’ve just woken up from a dream that evoked an emotion that lingers, spend a few moments with it and the emotion before you get out of bed. This will help you to clarify the dream and the emotion so that you can centre your thoughts and begin your day with insights that bring … Continue reading

Dreaming For Success – Leon Nacson

Behind every successful person is a dream. It may be a daydream or a night dream, and it is our ability to shape and realise our dreams that define us as human beings. Every desire, intention or aspiration we have is shaped by our dreams. We think about it, process it and over time take … Continue reading

Why Bad Dreams Can Be Good For You – Leon Nacson

We all have something that frightens us more than even the fear of dying, it could be the loss of independence and freedom, and in some cases it can be public speaking. Most people have several/more than one worst fear, some relate to our families, relationships, career or our ego. Fear in moderation is believed … Continue reading

Prophetic Dreams – Leon Nacson

Do dreams predict the future? They do, and they don’t. Have dreams predicted the future successfully? They have, and they haven’t. Do situations occur that were dreamt of? Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. The point I’m trying to make is that it all depends on who is decoding the dream. It’s like travelling through … Continue reading

Unwrap Your Present Dreams – Leon Nacson

It would be fabulous and much easier if our dreams came with subtitles like they do in foreign movies – then we would understand the true meaning of the symbols in our dreams. Imagine if we knew what it meant if we saw a present or if we really understood what it was that we … Continue reading

The Top 10 Most Popular Dreams & Themes – Leon Nacson

At some point we have all experienced the following dreams. Let’s explore what they could mean and how to decode the message that we are supposed to pay attention to. Adultery/ Infidelity Quick Decode: Lusty desire; rearranged partnerships; jealousy If you dream about committing adultery, it could be an outlet for repressed desires. If your … Continue reading

Why We Dream – Leon Nacson

We have, arguably, the finest brain in the known universe. If our brain spends a minimum of eight hours every day sleeping, and during that sleep we have a number of dreams, then dreams must serve a purpose. There are a number of reasons why we dream. We manufacture memories, use dreams to regulate our moods, … Continue reading