5 Tips for Positive Thinking – Sonia Choquette

All creation begins with thought. So why not choose good thoughts, beliefs, and ideas to generate positive outcomes? The key is to be deliberate in your thinking so that you produce desirable results. Often unconsciously, however, your attention can be controlled by ego. At this level, you are concentrating on negative images, insecurities, doubts, imagined disasters, exterior influences and past destructive patterns – leading you to manifest sickness, stress, chaos, disappoint, and pain.

Your thoughts have power; and when you concentrate that force and direct it, it is bound to manifest something – without exception. Here are seven tips to keep you thinking positive, even when you feel like your giving in to negative thoughts or occurrences. Remember, until your thinking shifts, nothing will.

1. Intend for things to work out

Having a clear objective directs your mind on an unwavering course and begins to bend and shape the physical world to match your desire. The universe submits to unyielding intention because it is the nature of Divine Law. Think of the various ways in which you have directed your thoughts, and note the results they have produced.

2.  Observe where you place your attention

You don’t not have to monitor all your thoughts to create  desirable outcomes – just the ones that work against you. Pay attention to those ideas that are detrimental and undermine your life, and sort the productive one from the counterproductive ones.

“Your thoughts have power; and when you concentrate that force and direct it, it is bound to manifest something”

3. Make a list

Make a list of all your successful creations as far back as you can remember, and reflect how you thought about them. More often than not, you focused on what you wanted to do and desire from the experience.

4. Set out one intention for the week and focus on it for 15 minutes every day

Or, start every morning with the intention to create an even better day than yesterday.

5. Keep a journal

Keep a journal of all your daily successes and how your thoughts, attention, and intentions played a role.


Sonia Choquette is a world-renowned author, storyteller, vibrational healer, and six-sensory spiritual teacher in international demand for her guidance, wisdom, and capacity to heal the soul. Her new book, Traveling at the Speed of Love is available now at all leading retailers or online HERE.


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