You Are an Infinite Treasure – Louise L. Hay

People have been asking me questions on a variety of subjects for many years. Almost all of them have wanted to change themselves—and their world—in some way. I’ve tried to be the catalyst that helps these individuals accomplish their goals. I think of myself as a stepping-stone on a pathway of self-discovery. It’s my belief … Continue reading

Doing What You Love – Louise L. Hay

Do what you love and the money will come. Love what you do and the money will come. You have a right to enjoy earning money. Your responsibility to Life is to participate in enjoyable activities. As you find a way to do something that you enjoy, Life will show you the way to prosperity … Continue reading

Are You Just Along for the Ride? – Cheryl Saban

ARE YOU LIVING THE LIFE you want, or do you secretly feel that you’ve “settled” for an existence that’s giving you less than you deserve or isn’t what you’ve dreamed of? Regardless of modernity and whopping upgrades in the level of women’s participation in the decision-making process of society, there are many among us who continue … Continue reading

Be Happy – the Dalai Lama Way

One great question underlies our experience, whether we think about it consciously or not: What is the purpose of life? I have considered this question and would like to share my thoughts in the hopes that they may be of direct, practical benefit to those who read them. I believe that the purpose of life is … Continue reading

The Simple Way to be the Creator of Your Life – Michael Neill

Have you ever been in a stressful situation? Seen a powerful movie? Read a sad novel or an inspiring book? I can guarantee that you haven’t, because each one of those qualities—stress, power, sadness, and inspiration—are actually inside you, not part of the event you’re attributing them to. You’re the one experiencing the stress, power, … Continue reading

Following Your Bliss – Sonia Choquette

We often race through the day, meeting obligations, duties and deadlines, that we have often have no time left to do the things we love—whether it be dancing, starting a new project, or playing music. On top of this, the way we live our life can be governed by others’ expectations, or even by the … Continue reading

I’m Surviving, Why Do I Need Self-Help?

Many of us go through life without relying on a self-help book, talking to a therapist, or taking up a personal development course. Sure, we may be far from getting over a major setback or suffering a dent in self-confidence, but it doesn’t mean we are necessarily living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. According … Continue reading