Why You Can Heal Your Life Is A Classic

More than three million copies of You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay have been sold in Australia, millions more worldwide. But while many self help books have transformed peoples’ lives only a few could be considered a self-help classic. Published in 1984 You Can Heal Your Life offers a message of non-judgmental love … Continue reading

Give Yourself A Life Audit

We sometimes feel we’re experiencing the same negative scenarios and behaviours over and over again. To take control of your life, it’s essential to examine the underlying beliefs that you have about yourself. Between the time we were born up till the end of our childhood, we had already accumulated numerous life experiences and relationships … Continue reading

Louise L. Hay’s Affirmations for Self-Love

While it’s a wonderful thing to experience romantic love, the most important love we can attain is self-love. Truly loving ourselves means having a deep appreciation for who we are, including what we see as our “faults.” It’s sad, but many of us refuse to love ourselves until we reach some self-imposed goal such as losing weight or making … Continue reading