Following Your Bliss – Sonia Choquette

We often race through the day, meeting obligations, duties and deadlines, that we have often have no time left to do the things we love—whether it be dancing, starting a new project, or playing music. On top of this, the way we live our life can be governed by others’ expectations, or even by the unreasonable standards we can sometimes place on ourselves. If we let these get the better of us, the more our connection with our spirit resembles a blur of white noise rather than a finely tuned frequency that directs our lives with more ease and purpose.

According to Sonia Choquette, author of The Answer is Simple… Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit!, those among us who genuinely rejoice in life, who feel content and grounded despite what life throws at them, listen to their spirit within and express it on the earth plane. ‘It’s the part of you that is light, happy, creative, and kind… the part of you that’s present, lives in the moment and laughs easily,’ she says.

‘The only true way to live our lives to the fullest potential is to dedicate ourselves to the things we love. Live the life that is receptive. Attune to your inner vibration, your inner spirit guidance. Live the life that chooses to work from the heart versus react from the head.’

The ability to just listen to your heart is a major trait Choquette has observed in the people who find the peace and joy that many others seek. Spirited people, she says, don’t let circumstances or other people dictate their life situation, rather, they live a life connected to what they love. The don’t rely solely on the thinking mind which worries about what they have to do for other people, how much they have to get done or how things will pan out. ‘We’ve been led to believe that unless we do what others want us to do, we don’t deserve to be loved… or won’t be.’

‘Live the life that chooses to work from the heart versus react from the head’

An important first step towards a more spirited life, Choquette says, is to simply ask yourself three things:

1. What do I look forward to doing?

2. What excites and uplifts me?

3. What amount of my life is involved with what I love?

Chances are you’ll find the things that make you feel alive; that feeds your spirit. The secret, though, is to incorporate these on a daily basis, not to put them on hold to consider or set aside when we ‘have the time.’

To make the time, consider writing down a list of what your spirit loves to do. This makes it a concrete reminder for you to engage and connect with the items on your list daily. Choquette recommends giving this exercise no more than five minutes. Afterwards, in close examination of your list, you can begin to notice common themes and intriguing insights about yourself. For instance, if you’re someone who loves travel, beautiful furniture and teaching; you could be a fiery, airy spirit who loves comfort, adventure and inspiring others. Or you could be someone who loves the water, caring for animals and children; you could be characterised as more of a watery spirit.

Knowing what connects you with your spirit removes the static that comes from the confusion and business of life. If you’re questioning your path, or your purpose, or simply if you just feel a little overwhelmed, begin your exploration with your spirit list and you’ll most likely find that it’s the perfect place to find answers and direction because it reflects the authentic you in action.

Five ways to authentic spirited living:

  • Make your life more about doing what you love instead of leaving it for weekends or special occasions.
  • Laugh more. It feeds the spirit, connects you with others and lightens you up energetically.
  • Accept life’s setbacks and challenges with grace. Remember that they are all lessons—so stop feeling that you are victim to them. They exist to teach you something.
  • Follow your intuition. Your sixth sense or ‘inner teacher’ instinctively knows where to guide you. How your body feels in response to a situation or decision is your intuition telling you something.
  • Practice gratitude. If you focus on your blessings or even the mere fact of being alive everyday, this puts you in a more positive and peaceful state of mind.

What type of spirit are you?

Earthy Spirit: solid, consistent, grounded, calm, slow to react, patient and affectionate

Watery Spirit: sensitive, compassionate, empathic, emotional, nurturing, encouraging and moody

Fiery Spirit: expressive, assertive, reactive, decisive, impulsive, confident and communicative

Airy Spirit: global in perspective, objective, curious, resourceful and inventive

The Answer is Simple… Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit! by Sonia Choquette (Hay House, RRP$24.95) is available at all leading retailers. Visit for more information.

Sonia will be appearing at I CAN DO IT! in August 2010. For more details and tickets, CLICK HERE.

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