Was Your Doctor Sent By An Angel? – Doreen Virtue

RAPHAEL’S FOCUS is upon people’s health. He’s a tireless healer, with an unlimited bag of healing techniques. The archangel also supports those who are healers, or those who want to become professional healers. Raphael functions as both a healer’s and a patient’s advocate by matching up sick people with the best health-care providers. As if … Continue reading

Get Body Happy in 8 Simple Steps! – Sonia Choquette

The body is the vehicle through which we journey in this lifetime, so it’s essential to maintain it with high-octane fuel, the kind that can fuel your body at the cellular level. As spiritual beings, our consciousness permeates our entire being from the nuclei of our cells to the edges of our auras. Our physical bodies … Continue reading

7 Surefire Stress-Busters – Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.

Whether it’s a new year, new season, new month, week or day, you can always choose to make this moment a new beginning—or choose to start fresh—to make choices about improving your health. One of the best ways to bring wellness into your world is to decrease the level of stress you experience on a … Continue reading

Sparking Off Your Fitness Program – Chris Downie

The key to any successful weight loss and fitness program is focus and goal setting Author of The Spark, Chris Downie, offers his top tips on how to make powerful goals with purpose and the best ways you can stay committed to them: • Unique: A goal shouldn’t be something that your wife wants for … Continue reading

The Vitamin D Revolution – Soram Khalsa

We’ve been told to ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ for years and to check our skin regularly for any abnormal spots. Yes, it’s great advice, but we’re hardly told about the benefits we can actually get from sunlight. Now, Soram Khalsa, M.D., sheds new light on the power of a long-forgotten benefit we get from the sun—Vitamin D. He reveals how to recognise signs of Vitamin D deficiency, and shares insights from his Beverly Hills medical practice where he normalises his own patients’ Vitamin D levels for their optimal health.