Get Body Happy in 8 Simple Steps! – Sonia Choquette

The body is the vehicle through which we journey in this lifetime, so it’s essential to maintain it with high-octane fuel, the kind that can fuel your body at the cellular level. As spiritual beings, our consciousness permeates our entire being from the nuclei of our cells to the edges of our auras. Our physical bodies carry the imprints of every single experience we’ve ever had on Earth from our first breath to the present moment.

As we begin to awaken; expand; and elevate our consciousness from a fear-based, mortal frequency to a higher, love-centered, spiritual frequency, every brain, muscle, tissue, and bone that does not resonate with love must be detoxified, cleansed, and purified of limiting and wounded frequencies in order to achieve, sustain, and vibrate to the frequency of love.

Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods

All foods that go into the body are like fuels that go into an engine. Just as there is a difference between grades of fuel for aircraft, there are also varying grades of fuel for the body.

Foods that produce an acidic effect on the body create more of a lower, sometimes fear-based vibration than foods with an alkaline pH, which have an overall higher, more life-affirming, positive effect on the body. Ideally, the body functions best at a pH level of around 7, which means an alkaline state. (You can get urine strips at the local pharmacy to test your pH level.) So it only makes sense to concentrate on fueling your body with more alkaline foods than acidic foods to stay at that optimal pH balance. It’s that simple. The question is, which are alkaline foods and which are acidic foods?

Alkaline and acidic foods are found in all food groups, so it’s best to check a food chart, found on the Internet or at any health-food store, to get a thorough idea of which foods are which. You don’t have to follow the chart to the letter. Just glance at it to get an idea of what are mainly alkaline and what are mainly acidic foods in each group, and try to lean toward alkaline foods over acidic ones. The alkaline foods tend to be greens, nuts, whole grains, seeds, and certain fruits, while acidic foods tend to be red meat, processed foods, packaged foods, and sugars. Again, this is a very broad categorization and only intended to get you thinking.

Fast Foods Drag You Down

Especially toxic to the body are chemical-filled, processed, and “fast” foods that are marketed to us everywhere. These “faux” or false foods fail to sustain the life and light force in our cells and seriously lower our positive loving frequency. In fact, a regular diet of fatty, processed, unnatural food is so toxic to the energetic field that you will hardly be able to travel at all, let alone at the speed and frequency of love.

I know that this conversation is challenging to a lot of people because they simply don’t want to change the way they eat, especially when it comes to giving up their beloved greasy, salty, fatty, processed foods. I know because I don’t want to hear that I should give up my French fries. Yet the reason we love these foods is the same reason they’re so hard to give up: they’re laden with addictive chemicals that make your body crave them.

If you’re a junk-food junkie, you are in fact being manipulated by an addiction to toxic, light-destroying, vibration-lowering fare. All you have to do to determine if you’re addicted to toxic, life-draining foods is to pay attention to how you feel both toward yourself and others, physically and psychically, after you eat. If you feel peaceful, energized, lighthearted, satisfied, calm, and quiet, both inside and out, and your digestion flows smoothly and often, then most likely you are in an alkaline state and vibrating at the frequency of love.

If, however, you feel fatigued, bloated, gassy, irritable, anxious, tired, heavy, and depressed, or have indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, or low blood sugar, then you have most likely drifted to a more acidic state, which creates a lower, fear-based energetic frequency and drains both you and those around you.

Once you start eating a more consistently alkaline diet, you will experience several other very exciting benefits as well. For one, your heart chakra will open as your body, feeling so well supported, begins to move out of “survival mode” and relax. You will become far more receptive to the positive energies that are in the ethers. It’s a simple “like attracts like” dynamic: as you feel better, the world you live in feels better. As you elevate your vibration, you begin to intercept others who have elevated theirs as well.

Another benefit to eating a more alkaline diet is that alkaline food activates the upper chakras and, in particular, the pineal gland, which is the master gland and the key to entering the highest frequencies of spiritual love. When fueled with loving sustenance, you vibrate to loving expression.

Moving into an alkaline frequency doesn’t mean you have to give up the foods you love. It just means you must eat more alkaline foods than acidic ones. As a red wine–, cheese-, and baguette-loving Francophile, this is good news for me. I love these acidic foods in moderation, and enjoying them brings forward a tremendously loving vibration in my heart. I just don’t eat like this every day.

The same goes for eating meat. I’ve gone back and forth on meat over the years, sometimes eating it, sometimes not. I always enjoy it, but the more I focus on traveling at the speed of love, the less I want it. It does seem to lower my vibration, so I choose to eat red meat far less often. I do have spiritually bright friends who carry a beautiful vibration yet continue to eat some meat. Not a lot, though; and if they do, it is usually organic meat. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Pay attention to your vibration, and make decisions based on how you feel.

Eat Mindfully

Pay attention to subtle energy shifts to know how best to fuel your body’s needs. One of the greatest challenges to our bodies is eating too much food. Breathe between bites and give your body a chance to respond to the food as you ingest it. Do not allow your mind to race you through your meals, as though a contender in the Indy 500. The speed of love is a gentle, easy pace, not a frantic, urgent, intense one. The addictive brain, on the other hand, is frantic, urgent, intense, and oxygen deprived.

Slow down, breathe between bites, and notice how each food affects you. Traveling light means inside as well as outside, so go easier on the amount of food you take in at once. The engine in life’s flight is your digestive system; and it runs best when fueled in small, slow, steady doses of high-octane fuel.

One way to retrain the brain and recalibrate the body to a higher fuel-efficiency is to eat only half of what is on your plate at any time and leave the rest. Do this for every meal. Smaller meals keep more oxygen going to the brain than to the stomach, which will elevate your awareness and sensitivity, ease your digestion, and keep things moving along.

Most spiritual traditions encourage people to eat mindfully, and that’s also the message conveyed on the popular reality-TV show The Biggest Loser. While on the surface it appears to be merely a weight-loss contest, the show is really rooted in people making conscious, self-supporting choices designed not only to help them lose unwanted weight, but more important, to get rid of unwanted negative patterns, imprints, and habits that keep them living in fear and self-loathing. As the contest unfolds and the weeks go by, each contestant shifts from a predominantly acidic to an alkaline diet, and right before our eyes, they heal and love permeates their being, for self and others. And in that transformation, they heal the people watching, as well.

All in Moderation

If you want to elevate your personal vibration, give up foods that clearly don’t offer any evidence of love. Food that is canned, packaged, frozen, sterile, and stale is loveless and will make you unhappy. If you are uncertain about a food, feel it in your heart. Ask yourself if that food offers a positive, life-affirming, loving vibration, or not. If you feel yes, then enjoy it. If you feel no, then avoid it. If you are unsure, eat only a little and move on to more certain things. Believe it or not, when you decide to travel at the speed of love in life, many of these choices become second nature.

The point is to give ourselves the proper fuel to be able to travel at the speed of love. Although we are spiritual beings, we are traveling in physical vehicles, and they need the high-octane fuel to travel to the heights to which we aspire.


In addition to an alkaline diet, we also need to fuel ourselves with lots and lots of water to enter into a heightened state of vibration. Being dehydrated keeps us vibrationally grounded in lower frequencies and, consequently, in a lower-grade, fear-based flow. Dehydration also lessens our intuition and cuts us off from our control tower. All engines need some water to run, and we are no exception. If we are dehydrated, we cannot stay strongly connected to Source and quickly fall out of flow.

Only drinking water keeps us properly hydrated. Coffee, sodas, energy drinks, lattes, caffeinated teas, and alcoholic beverages don’t create the vibration of love in the same way. Masaru Emoto, who wrote The Healing Power of Water, testifies to the potency of water and how it absorbs and reflects energetic intention; we can actually infuse it with the power, through intention and prayer, to transform negative energy in the body and flush negative frequencies from the body and surrounding energy fields. Simply hold any water you drink in your hands before you drink it and suggest to it that it clear, purge, flush, purify, and detox your body and energy field of all negativity. Fill your water with love and appreciation for its goodness and ask the water to refresh, refuel, and regenerate every cell in you so that you can journey through your day in the blessed flow of love. Then drink up and enjoy as the water goes to work for you. As for how much water you should drink, my dear friend Dr. Michelle Robin, a gifted healer and the director of Your Wellness Connection in Kansas City, a center for positive wellness, says it is best to drink at least half your body weight in ounces every day, preferably before 8 P.M. This means if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water a day. Do this for a week, and you will feel such an improvement in your energy, you won’t believe it.

Super Greens

If you want to give your diet and water an added boost, you can add the alkaline punch of spirulina, green barley, or any super blue-green algae to your water, and you will really feel energized.

Algae come from the sea, and the sea vibration is pure love and light. Adding this frequency to your water introduces this loving vibration to your body. It is extremely fortifying and energizing and significantly raises your vibration.

You can find super greens at your local food store in the “super greens” section. They usually come in powder form. You don’t have to add a lot of these algae to get the desired boost. Just a teaspoon in water once a day does the trick. They don’t taste bad, usually like a very weak pea soup. You can add these greens to a morning shake as well if the taste in water doesn’t appeal to you.


In addition to an alkaline diet, proper hydration, and super greens, we also need to exercise in order to keep the energy of the body at its highest level of vibration. Moderate movement every day assists the digestive process, which is key to reaching higher and higher positive levels of vibration and living in the flow of love.

The body is the vehicle through which we journey in this lifetime, and it is intended to move. It simply doesn’t work as well when it doesn’t move enough. Don’t let your physical vehicle become rusty due to lack of movement. Just as cars were made to drive, your physical vehicle is made to move as well. No matter how much you move, make up your mind to move a little more than the day before, unless of course you just finished a marathon. The point is that to travel at the speed of love is, at the foundation, to travel; and to travel is to move.

Walk around the block. Take the stairs. Park your car away from the entrance to the mall or grocery store and walk the extra distance. Turn on some music and dance your way through doing the dishes. Get on a bicycle or Rollerblades. Take up a sport such as tennis, basketball, or swimming. Make up your mind to move for at least 15 minutes a day, 30 is better.

If you already are in the habit of exercising, shake it up a bit and try something new, such as yoga, Pilates, or belly dancing. Embrace the idea that moving the body is exhilarating and joyful, and no matter how you feel before you move, you always feel better after you do.


Another thing essential for proper maintenance of our bodies is at least eight hours of rest every night. Yet it’s not enough just to get eight hours. Because our bodies are tuned into the natural rhythms of life, they have inner clocks that rest and rejuvenate the organs in sync with the natural world, which means between the hours of 10 P.M. and 6 A.M. So in order to fully rejuvenate while we sleep, we must get those eight hours of rest between those hours. Therefore, if a person goes to sleep at 2 A.M., his body will only rejuvenate until 6 A.M., even if he sleeps until 10 A.M. This is okay once in a while, but if we make a regular habit of it, our bodies become depleted and run into the ground. If we want to travel at the speed of love, we have to be able to lift off . . . starting with lifting our faces from the pillow every morning, and this means going to bed by 10 P.M. as often as we can.

This is an edited extract taken from Traveling at the Speed of Love by Sonia Choquette available at all leading retailers August 2010.

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