5 Steps to Zen – Susan Smith Jones

Everyone at some time has experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed by life. We all, too, have felt the need to escape, to find a quiet, secluded place to experience the peace of spirit and to be alone with our thoughts. Creating times of silence takes commitment and discipline. Most often, they must be scheduled … Continue reading

How To Be An Inspirational Leader – Wayne W. Dyer

Spiritual teachers have raised the vibrational frequency of their daily life to a point where they’re able to provide inspiration to others merely by their presence, and this is the standard to which we need to aspire. It isn’t necessarily a scholarly undertaking. There are things we can do each and every day to inspire our fellow humans.

Why You Can Heal Your Life Is A Classic

More than three million copies of You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay have been sold in Australia, millions more worldwide. But while many self help books have transformed peoples’ lives only a few could be considered a self-help classic. Published in 1984 You Can Heal Your Life offers a message of non-judgmental love … Continue reading

Develop Your Psychic Abilities in 4 Easy Steps – Sonia Choquette

We all have natural psychic abilities but like a muscle, they need practice, dedication and time to develop. Here are five tips from Sonia Choquette on how to sharpen your intuitive spark. Be aware of the language you use: Our language is often peppered with expressions that describe our feelings such as, “a gut feeling,” … Continue reading

Perform At Your Peak Every Time! – Sonia Choquette

Every morning before I open my eyes, I lie in bed and make contact with my Higher Self through a silent inner conversation, centered in my heart. I’ve been conversing with my Higher Self through my heart my entire life and have felt her gentle voice ever since I was very young. But only lately, … Continue reading

Are You Flying First Class? – Sonia Choquette

When on life’s journey, you have a choice in the manner in which you choose to fly. You can travel on standby, waiting for others to give you permission to get onboard; economy class, which allows you to get where you want to go without any frills, comforts, or ease of flow; or first class, … Continue reading

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