You Are Psychic – John Holland

We are all born with some degree of psychic ability. The term psychic is actually Greek for “of the soul.” Our psychic or intuitive senses are spiritual gifts, meant to assist us while our spirits are still in our physical bodies. They help us maintain our spiritual awareness and connection to the divine. Few people … Continue reading

A Romance in Spirit – Julia Cameron

This is an exclusive extract from Mozart’s Ghost by award-winning writer Julia Cameron. She was late. She had cut it too close again. Someday, she told herself, she was going to arrive at her classroom early—refreshed, relaxed and grounded. But someday was not today. The ancient elevator in her apartment building chugged its way slowly … Continue reading

The Keys to Authentic Spirited Living – Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette shows us the keys to self-love and living in connection with your spirit within.