My Own Beginnings – Brian L. Weiss

I graduated from Columbia University and received my medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine, where I also completed my residency training in psychiatry. I taught at several highly respected medical schools, and I also published more than 40 scientific papers, mainly in the field of psychopharmacology and sleep disorders. When the experience took … Continue reading

An Interview with Brian Weiss on Regression, Reincarnation and Remembering

How can we access our past-lives? It’s certainly possible to have actual past-life regression through regression exercises, although many other types of relaxation or meditation techniques can lead to the same thing as well.  People may also experience past-life recall during dreams or déjà vu, spontaneously, or in many other ways. For example, my first … Continue reading

The Benefits of Regression – Brian L. Weiss

The path of our spiritual journey is an inward one, unique to each of us. Wise teachers can point the way, but only we can make the journey. We progress at our own speed, and there’s no schedule or deadline for reaching enlightenment. Regressing to significant childhood events, to infancy or even to past lives … Continue reading