The Basic Ingredients for a Healthier Mind & Body – Deepak Chopra

Eating is one of the most natural processes in the world and it can be quite easy and enjoyable to follow a healthy diet. So why are so many people confused about what is good for them to eat? As our world becomes ‘smaller’ we are given so many choices. We have access to grains, … Continue reading

Eat More to Lose Weight? – Doreen Virtue

IT’S IMPORTANT TO EAT THREE times a day, although I understand that this concept makes some people anxious. “But I’ll gain weight if I do that!” you may be saying right now. I used to believe that if I ate breakfast, I’d gain weight—never realizing that skipping breakfast was keeping me 10 to 55 pounds … Continue reading

Raw Foods: The Nutritional and Spiritual Benefits – Doreen Virtue

Our bodies need vitamins and minerals for basic and optimal health, and the best source for these nutrients is fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are some of the beneficial properties and contents of raw food: — Enzymes. Uncooked foods contain enzymes, which are proteins that are catalysts for digestion, immune-system functioning, energy production, and brain activity. Since heat … Continue reading

Are You Good to Yourself? – Doreen Virtue

Do you find yourself saying that you will only like yourself when you reach that perfect weight? Studies show that you need plenty of confidence in yourself in order to successfully lose weight. This is because you need to trust that you’ll stick with an eating and exercise plan; without this belief you’ll end up … Continue reading