How to Ask for Help from the Angels – Doreen Virtue

You already connect with your angels in many wonderful ways, including through the dreams, feelings, and signs you receive. Reading angel stories like the ones in Saved by an Angel also tends to increase your awareness of the presence of angels in your life. Just the process of reading can create an angel experience, of … Continue reading

Go With Your Gut – Doreen Virtue

Gut feelings are a superb guiding force. They tell us the best routes to take in every aspect of our lives. We’ve probably all had instances where we regretted ignoring a gut feeling about a job or a relationship. Conversely, we’ve probably obeyed an illogical intuitive impulse—and were very glad that we did. I couldn’t … Continue reading

What’s Your “Primary Clair”? – Doreen Virtue

While the angels talk to us in a combination of the four ways—visions, feelings, thoughts, and sounds—one of these channels is strongest for you. We call this your “primary clair.” The other three clairs amplify and augment this primary means of angelic communication. You’ve probably heard that some people are highly visual, while others are … Continue reading

The Magic and Power of Words – Doreen Virtue

They’re often used without a thought, but a deeper look at your choice of words can either make or break your business, finances, relationships and career. That’s why the old adage, “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought” is a time-honored truism. Positive words are your business partner, mentor, and financial planner. Positive … Continue reading

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone – Doreen Virtue

When one door of happiness closes; another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” – Helen Keller Have you ever seen those glass-domed paperweights, the kind you shake to create snow flurries around little plastic people and houses? … Continue reading

Shielding and Psychic Protection – Doreen Virtue

It’s important to energetically shield yourself whenever you’re going to be in a situation with lower energies, such as a public place, or when you’re around ailing or angry people. This is especially important for sensitive individuals who tend to absorb others’ energy. To shield yourself, just imagine, think, or see yourself completely enveloped in … Continue reading

What is Etheric Cord Cutting? – Doreen Virtue

When we have fear-based attachments to a person or an object, we form spiritual leashes to keep the person or object from leaving or changing. These leashes look like surgical tubing and they grow larger as a function of the length and intensity of the relationship. So, the largest cords are to parents, siblings, and other … Continue reading

Attracting Love & Romance – Doreen Virtue

Busy singles, especially single parents, often struggle to make time to meet new people and date. How are you supposed to help your son do his homework, take your daughter to swimming lessons, fix dinner, and go on a date – all in the same evening? Some singles have simply given up, or have put … Continue reading

Looking for Answers? – Doreen Virtue

THE ARCHANGELS ARE VERY REAL, powerful, nondenominational angels who oversee the guardian angels. Think of them as the guardian angels’ managers. Archangels are messengers from the Creator to the created, who help us with every area of our lives. They protect us and guide us, bringing about peace on earth, one person at a time. … Continue reading

Finding the God/Goddess Within

In her bestselling book You Can Heal Your Life Louise Hay suggests an exercise in which she asks the person to pick up a small mirror, look into their eyes, say their name and the affirmation “I love and accept you exactly as you are.” If I were to suggest this to you now, would … Continue reading