How to Ask for Help from the Angels – Doreen Virtue

You already connect with your angels in many wonderful ways, including through the dreams, feelings, and signs you receive. Reading angel stories like the ones in Saved by an Angel also tends to increase your awareness of the presence of angels in your life. Just the process of reading can create an angel experience, of … Continue reading

Ever Wondered What You Were in a Past Life? – Jenny Smedley

Have you ever jokingly said, ‘I must have been someone really good (or bad!) to have the life I’m living now?’ Deep inside, do you seriously wonder if you might have had one or more past lives? Or perhaps you do believe in past lives, and often wonder who you might have been and whether … Continue reading

Looking for Answers? – Doreen Virtue

THE ARCHANGELS ARE VERY REAL, powerful, nondenominational angels who oversee the guardian angels. Think of them as the guardian angels’ managers. Archangels are messengers from the Creator to the created, who help us with every area of our lives. They protect us and guide us, bringing about peace on earth, one person at a time. … Continue reading

Are There Angels Among Us?

It’s interesting how many people who don’t follow a particular religion, or wouldn’t even call themselves spiritual, believe in angels. A recent Nielsen survey showed 63% of Australians believed in miracles and 51% in angels. It seems quite surprising for a secular society. But then, we don’t necessarily have to believe in God or the … Continue reading

The Question of Surrender – Doreen Virtue

Any person who has read about spirituality, recovery, or religion has encountered the word surrender. It means to let go of agendas and judgments about what life “should” look like or be like, and to instead accept life on life’s terms. Surrender also means asking for help from a spiritual higher power, like angels or … Continue reading

What Is An Angel Intuitive? – Doreen Virtue

Your angels are always ready to assist you whenever you need a hand, perhaps in finding your soulmate, knowing what to do about your career and finances, or assisting you with other important life issues. Angel Intuitives (AIs) are powerful psychics and healers who work primarily with the angelic realm with the intention of helping themselves … Continue reading

How to Release Common Fears that Block Divine Messages – Doreen Virtue

SINCE YOU (like everyone) have guardian angels, and because scientific studies show that intuition is an inherent human characteristic, you can have clear conversations with your angels. The first step is to address any fears so that they don’t block your Divine communications. In my experience teaching angel-communication classes worldwide since 1996 to thousands of … Continue reading

Divine Guidance At Your Fingertips – Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue believes we can all connect with our angels and possess natural psychic abilities. The most popular way to connect with angels is through the use of oracle cards. By listening to our intuition, we can get the answers we seek in all areas of our life: love, health, career and relationships.