How to Stop Worrying – Deepak Chopra

Worry is a prevalent habit, and since it is annoying rather than disabling, many worrywarts don’t recognize themselves as anxious. In fact, worriers often feel justified. Why not turn the car around to double check that you locked the door? Why not worry about global warming, terrorism, and all the other aspects of an unsafe … Continue reading

You Are an Infinite Treasure – Louise L. Hay

People have been asking me questions on a variety of subjects for many years. Almost all of them have wanted to change themselves—and their world—in some way. I’ve tried to be the catalyst that helps these individuals accomplish their goals. I think of myself as a stepping-stone on a pathway of self-discovery. It’s my belief … Continue reading

End Your Food Hell – Marianne Williamson

You have tried many ways to end your food hell, from various food programs to exercise to fasting to who-knows-what. Now I propose that you try something you may or may not have tried before. I suggest that you plant a mustard seed and let God’s strength grow within you. I suggest you accept this … Continue reading

Juice Up Your Life! – Denise Linn

In your life, there are people and patterns that deplete or “zap” your energy, but there are also people and places that uplift or “juice” your energy. The soul loves the truth, so when you identify your zappers, they have less of an effect on you. And when you identify the juicers, you can expand … Continue reading

Do You Shop for Happiness? – Robert Holden

I like the story told of Socrates, the Greek philosopher, who was known for his love of marketplaces. He would always visit a market if his schedule permitted. Often, he would alter his schedule to make sure he could. It was noted, however, that Socrates rarely bought anything at the markets. One of Socrates’ students … Continue reading

How Do I Get Published? – Leon Nacson

If you dream of getting published but are scratching your head on what to do or where to send it to, the good news is that it’s never been a better time to get your book out there. So how do you actually get your book on the shelf in this ever-changing world of publishing? … Continue reading

Go With Your Gut – Doreen Virtue

Gut feelings are a superb guiding force. They tell us the best routes to take in every aspect of our lives. We’ve probably all had instances where we regretted ignoring a gut feeling about a job or a relationship. Conversely, we’ve probably obeyed an illogical intuitive impulse—and were very glad that we did. I couldn’t … Continue reading

An Intimate Chat with John Holland

From I young age, I knew I was different. I was always very sensitive as a child. I was the different one out of my siblings. I knew things that others didn’t: Who was going to come for a surprise visit, who was sick even thought they lived far away, or would even finish peoples … Continue reading

Agree to Disagree – Leon Nacson

What a boring world it would be if we all agreed with each other. The tension created when opposite views clash actually makes life interesting. Are you endeavouring to create more spice in your life by openly disagreeing with another person? Who is disagreeing with whom in your dream? If you were in disagreement with … Continue reading

5 Ways to Self-Acceptance – Robert Holden

“Do you accept yourself as you are – yes or no?” It’s a simple question that many people find difficult to answer. I’m told that the Yes/No option feels too limited, and that more options like “sometimes,” “mostly,” or “rarely” would be helpful. I understand where people are coming from, but I persist with the … Continue reading