Juice Up Your Life! – Denise Linn

In your life, there are people and patterns that deplete or “zap” your energy, but there are also people and places that uplift or “juice” your energy. The soul loves the truth, so when you identify your zappers, they have less of an effect on you. And when you identify the juicers, you can expand their presence in your life.

If something or someone is an energy zapper, take action today to minimize or eliminate this from your life. For example, if you think of making a trip to the grocery store and your energy goes down, see if they have a delivery service. You are not required to suffer in life.

Alternatively, if something or someone juices you, then find ways today to increase their effect in your life.

Identify Your Energy Zappers

An energy zapper is anything that lowers your energy and thus decreases your life force. Often you become so used to living with these zappers that you are not even conscious of their effect on you. Just becoming aware of them will begin to diminish their power. Throughout the day, notice what brings your energy down. Some examples might be:

Always feeling exhausted after having been with a particular person
Saying yes when you mean no
Sitting in fluorescent-lit rooms with no windows
Denying/suppressing what you are feeling
Working all the time without taking time to rest and rejuvenate
Watching excessive television
Drinking too much alcohol
Indulging in busyness on a consistent basis

Identify What Juices Your Energy

It is equally important to discover those things that uplift your energy. What juices your energy? Write it down. Some examples might be:

Drinking hot tea while watching the sunrise
Talking to a great friend
Going for a walk
Doing yoga
Taking a bath with essential oils
Gathering with friends at a favorite restaurant
Snuggling under the covers with a great book

Read through your list of juicers and see if there are any ways that you can increase or expand them in your life.

Commit Yourself to Diminishing One Zapper and Increasing One Juicer

List the relationships that you have in your life now. In other words, who do you relate to on a regular basis? This list might include family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, students, teachers, your hair stylist, life coach, auto mechanic, or grocer.

Now list what you relate to on a regular basis. It might be your car, food, cup collection, shop, garden, child’s school, television, radio, computer, magazines, gym, or grocery store.

Use a scale from zero to ten, where zero is a real zapper, five is neutral, and ten is a real juicer. Go down each list, notice who or what brings your energy up and who or what brings it down, and give each item in your lists a number. Close your eyes and visualize the person or object, and notice how your body feels: Do you seem to feel more energy and vitality, or do you feel drained and exhausted? Some people or things might be neutral. In other words, they do not bring your energy up or down.

Make a commitment to change at least one zapper. For example, if your energy is zapped by watching excessive television, then make a commitment to watch less. Make plans to fill that time with something else. If you watch 21 hours of television a week, cut back to 10, and decide what you are going to do with those 12 hours a week that will juice your energy. You might decide to take a night class, start a hobby, read, or paint.

Follow through on your commitment. Take action!

Denise Linn is a renowned lecturer, author, and visionary, and will be appearing at I Can Do It! in Sydney and Melbourne in July/August 2011. For event details or tickets CLICK HERE.

One Response to “Juice Up Your Life! – Denise Linn”
  1. rachael says:

    thank you for this information, i have a real zapper in my every day life and the only thing i know to do it to consistently protect myself and my son with god’s loving light. thank you again

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