How Do I Get Published? – Leon Nacson

If you dream of getting published but are scratching your head on what to do or where to send it to, the good news is that it’s never been a better time to get your book out there.

So how do you actually get your book on the shelf in this ever-changing world of publishing? First thing is to come up with something original. Editors are looking for an innovative approach to the subject you’re writing about. Most manuscripts that see their way across the desk of a commissioning editor are a rehash of a rehash of someone else’s work or concepts. What’s important is taking what’s already known, and developing new concepts and philosophies on how it can be incorporated in everyone’s life as it’s experienced today.

What’s important is taking what’s already known, and developing new concepts and philosophies on how it can be incorporated in everyone’s life as it’s experienced today.

The World Wide Web has revolutionised both the music and the movie industry. Its affect on the book industry will be even greater. There are now opportunities to publish your book online and have it instantly available in millions of bookstores that are sitting comfortably on your phone, iPad or computer.

The cost of printing, warehousing and distributing books has been diminished enormously because of the availability of Print on Demand. It’s very simple these days to order exactly the number of books you need when you need them from any number of printers throughout the world. Print on Demand also has the added benefit of being environmentally conscious, as there are no excess books to languish in a dusty warehouse.

Once a book has created an audience, publishers from around the world have been known to sit up and take notice of an author the same way music companies have become very interested in musicians through MySpace.

Hay House is searching for the next bestselling author who they believe is somewhere in Australia. The idea behind this workshop is to bring together individuals who have got a book inside them that is bursting to come out but needs a little bit of encouragement and mentoring.

Here’s a run down on what you will learn from the workshop:

• How to rewrite and refine your work
• How to write a book proposal
• How to manifest determination to publish your book
• How to find an agent
• How to get a publisher’s attention
• How to handle rejection from publishers
• How to contact new media about your book
• How to create a marketing campaign for your book

Everyone who attends has the opportunity to submit their book proposal and the best submission we receive will win a world wide publishing contract with Hay House.

The Writer’s Workshop will be conducted August 5, 2011 in Melbourne. For more information visit CLICK HERE or call 02 9669 4299.

One Response to “How Do I Get Published? – Leon Nacson”
  1. Pip Oxlade says:

    Dear leon.

    I had Reid Tracy connect with me through Hay House in America on Linked in. He has suggested I contact you. I am coming out with my process using colour images and questioning called Being in Colour to Melbourne next week.
    Is there anyway I can show you my fabulous technique I have developed called Being in Colour. I run workshops, am a self published author and am passionate about the results it brings.
    Reid said this:

    hi pip

    I recommend you connect with Leon Nacson the managing director of hay house Ausstralia


    Hi Reid

    A couple of years ago I had a vision that I would be connected with Hay house at some point and I wonder if this is ‘the sign’. I am quite excited to say the least, as to the timing of your request to link in.

    I would love the opportunity to share the unique self empowerment process I have created called ‘Being in Colour’ that my husband and I launched over two years ago, self published and have taken literally around the world knowing that it has just started it’s momentum.

    It centers and connects with the heart, using 42 colour images and a simple process. I have seen it work not only with indiduals but in groups and business too. It amazes me every time we show it.

    There have been So many magical movements for the people who come across BIC. The website is

    Be great to chat on Skype- Pipx

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