An Intimate Chat with John Holland

From I young age, I knew I was different.

I was always very sensitive as a child. I was the different one out of my siblings. I knew things that others didn’t: Who was going to come for a surprise visit, who was sick even thought they lived far away, or would even finish peoples sentences. I pushed away or hid my sensitivity due to other people making me feel different or strange.

I eventually embraced my psychic abilities.

One of my favourite sayings that I learned in England is: “Mediums are born – not made.” But I really want to add that everyone is born with a degree of psychic ability. I never doubted whether my abilities were real, but I had to let go of the self-judgment and doubt with myself about doing this work. I studied, read, did the work, and sat in a mediumship development circle for a number of years.

If we are allowed to see the future then it’s meant for us to choose wisely and move forward in a positive way.

Practice makes perfect if you want to enhance your psychic skills.

Your abilities are natural and you are born with them. First you have to honour and acknowledge that you are psychic and then you have to use your abilities just like you would a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger and clearer they become. You can have fun developing too. The next time you are at a hotel with many elevators, try to intuit what door will open next. Ask yourself: “I wonder what colour my friend will be wearing today?” These are just a few simple ways you can stretch an enhance what you already have.

Sometimes we’re not meant to know what lies ahead.

I feel that there are some things we are allowed to know, and some we are not. Someone asked me: “If you’re so psychic why didn’t you know about the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York?” I feel we are not supposed to know everything about what is going to happen. Other times we can see different choices that are in front of us, and we have the option to follow what is best for us, or for the highest good. If we are allowed to see the future then it’s meant for us to choose wisely and move forward in a positive way.

John Holland author of The Psychic Tarot Oracle Card Deck available at all leading retailers. John will be appearing at I Can Do It! 2011. For details and tickets CLICK HERE.

One Response to “An Intimate Chat with John Holland”
  1. Ornella says:

    Hi John, I’m so glad you worked at your skill & you are who you are. I know this article is brief & you are putting things in simplier terms! I have read some of you books & I’m re- reading Spirit Whisperer! If people want to know more about you they should read that book. I feel bad for you if you had struggles as a child knowing you were different; but ultimately with struggles comes success. By that I mean success in trying to figure out who you are. Let’s face it life is the classroom of knowledge sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t. But it’s worth the challenge. As far as people questioning your ability and asking why you didn’t have the knowledge of up coming world events, well if you did would those same people asking you even believe you? And then that would have been a huge burden for people like yourself to carry! I think you are right there are things we aren’t suppose to know, it’s the experience that will be the bigger lesson! I’m sure some people had visions of world desasters but kept it to themselves for fear of being different!
    John I think you are awesome and I will be in Canada at the I Can Do it Conference. I saw it posted on one of your tweets and bought a ticket! Looking forward to Saturday! All the best to you! You were definitely born to make the World a better place and people appreiciate you. Including myself.

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