Doing What You Love – Louise L. Hay

Do what you love and the money will come. Love what you do and the money will come. You have a right to enjoy earning money. Your responsibility to Life is to participate in enjoyable activities. As you find a way to do something that you enjoy, Life will show you the way to prosperity and abundance. Our inner guidance never gives us ‘shoulds’. The purpose of life is to play. When work becomes play, it’s fun and rewarding. Negative attitudes about work create toxins in the body.

As you find a way to do something that you enjoy, Life will show you the way to prosperity and abundance.

Sometimes when we get very close to our dreams, we become so frightened of having what we really want that we begin to sabotage ourselves. As hard as it is to imagine, we’re doing this to protect ourselves. Making a big move, having the ideal job, earning really good money, can be a very scary undertaking. What if I fail? What if people won’t like me? What if I’m not happy?

These questions represent the part of you that’s very afraid of the fulfillment of your dreams. Often, your inner child is the key to your fears. It’s time to be very loving, patient, and gentle with yourself. Reassure your inner child, love it, and make it feel safe.

Don’t get stuck with the belief that it’s hard to find a job. This may be true for many, but it doesn’t have to be true for you. You only need one job. Your clear consciousness will open the pathway for you. Too many people put so much faith in fear. When there’s a shift in the economy, the masses immediately buy into all the negative aspects and constantly talk about it. What you dwell on and accept in your consciousness becomes true for you.

When I hear about negative trends in business or the economy, I immediately affirm: It may be true for some, but it’s not true for me. I always prosper no matter where I am or what is going on. As you think and speak, you’re creating your future experiences. Be very careful about how you talk about prosperity. You always have the option of choosing poverty thinking or prosperity thinking. For at least the next week, notice how you talk about money, work, career, the economy, savings, and retirement. Listen to yourself. Make sure that the words aren’t creating poverty now or in the future.

So affirm: I always love where I work. I have the best jobs. I am always appreciated. By continually affirming this, you’re creating a new personal law for yourself. The Universe will have to respond in kind. Life will always pick the most appropriate channels to bring forth your good, if you allow it!

Louise L. Hay will be appearing at I Can Do It! 2011 in Sydney and Melbourne. For details and tickets CLICK HERE.

2 Responses to “Doing What You Love – Louise L. Hay”
  1. Ornella says:

    Hi Louise, I am always so excited to read what you write. This was definitely another great read! I often don’t know where to start because I have so much to say. I’ll try & keep it brief! Ha! That’s hard for me. Anyway, I feel so fortunate my work dosen’t feel like work. My work is a part of who I am! (I’m a hairdresser) I love what I do! I think all my goodness has come to me for many reasons but mainly because I have always had possitive thoughts about it! Let’s face it I don’t want to dwell on this too much so I’ll quickly mention it but working with the public and dealing with essentially a service isn’t always wonderful for people; but for me I don’t focus on that! My wish for all people is to live their life! Don’t let life control you! I always call that Coasting! Don’t Coast Live Life!
    I wanted to comment all week but it’s been hectic and now I’m exhausted! Louise you are Awesome & I am coming to see you in Toronto Canada at the I Can Do It conference! I really hope to shake your hand and meet you! You are a Gem to all of us and a huge inspiration!!! It’s 1:11 am here gotta go sleep!
    Thank you for what you do and for who
    you are!! 🙂

  2. elanazumba says:

    Thank you Louise for this inspirational message. I’m working with my life coach, Eluise Gambino Paskewicz, on some of these same issues. I have recently decided to give a longtime passion of mine (dance) centerstage in my life, and find myself often wrestling with my twin enemies: fear and doubt. You’re advice about reassuring the inner child is great, and just taking time to be patient, loving and gentle with myself as I go down this path.

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