Practice Non-judgement – Deepak Chopra

All experience is experienced in a world of meaningful contrasts: good and bad, right and wrong, dark and light, night and day. These contrasts are essential, and life moves within the poles of these opposites. When we accept this, we stop trying to control and judge.

We try not to label everything right or wrong, good or bad, but realise that these are simply two sides of the same coin, both relative to each other. Ceasing from judgment is part of silencing your internal dialogue.

“We try not to label everything right or wrong, good or bad, but realise that these are simply two sides of the same coin…”

I once heard a beautiful prayer that goes:

Today I will judge nothing that occurs
And as I judge nothing that occurs I will create silence in my mid
And as I create silence in my mind I will communicate with the cosmic mind that is running and orchestrating the machinery of the universe
The cosmic mind whispers to us in the silent spaces between our thoughts.

Judgments are so debilitating because they cause turbulence in our internal dialogue and cause heaviness of the heart.

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One Response to “Practice Non-judgement – Deepak Chopra”
  1. Ornella says:

    Judgement, Well that could be used in place of Bad, Negative, Dark and absolutely Wrong! There is no place or I should say there should not be a place for Judgement in our Beautiful World, that we corrupt with Judgement!
    This is something I hate to admitt;but I have to try hard on a daily basis to not judge . Even if it is the smallest thing. There is nothing Good that can come from Judgement! Since reading and exploring all these wonderful Authors and people on Hay House, and of course John Edward (who has been the one to put me on this wonderful world of exploration about eleven years ago)and now with Infinite Quest! I find that a little bit of all of you have helped me in my Judgement. Instead of being embarrassed of admitting that I can sometimes Judge, Iam proud to admitt that reading articles like the ones you have here on Hay House and watching videos of all of you has inspired me to be the best I can be ( I always thought I was already trying to do that:but I really wasn’t) and when I don’t feel so strong or I should say Possitive I can come to this sight and have such an eye opener on what is good and not Judging in reading all the articles. I have to say I’m very fortunate I have a great hubby, wonderful kids & family that I’m so proud of and yet we still have our own things to deal with. Being a very possitive person (so I thought) my whole life. I’ve found that I really wasn’t or I should say I found that I could have been so much more possitive without the judging! I always say Everyone has their own opinion and unconditional means accepting and respecting that of them.
    Thanks Mr. Chopra and Hay House for another reminder on how one word in the dictionary can effect so many of us. No Judgement here!

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