Water for Good Feng Shui – Denise Linn

In traditional feng shui water is associated with abundance and prosperity. If you want to activate more prosperity in your life you might try adding the element of water, especially flowing water, into your home. When you do this, focus on your intention of becoming more prosperous. Below are some traditional feng shui cures that many have found helpful for focusing their intention on creating abundance.

“… focus on your intention of becoming more prosperous.”

Introducing water for abundance:

– Place an aquarium or fountain in the prosperity area of your home. This is located in what is the furthest left-hand corner when you are facing the front of your home.

– Keep either nine goldfish (eight red and one black) or a hundred guppies in an aquarium to stimulate abundance. One (or five) arowana fish will also have this effect.

– Place a fountain or cascade of water outside your front door, preferably on the right-hand side of he door as you enter. This allows good fortune and abundance to flow into your front door.

– Place a model of a sailing ship (with the sails up) facing towards your work area (desk, cash register, computer). This will symbolise the boat sailing on smooth waters, carrying abundance to you.

– Make sure all drains are clear to stimulate flow of finances. Do not let water stagnate in drains. A meandering stream in front of your home bodes good fortune and abundance.

Denise Linn is the author of Feng Shui for the Soul. Denise will be appearing at I Can Do It! 2011 in July and August. For more details CLICK HERE.

One Response to “Water for Good Feng Shui – Denise Linn”
  1. Ornella says:

    First of all I will definitely try some of these tips! Thank you for this blog I enjoyed reading it! Essentially a lot of what you are saying is focus on something possitive and watch the outcome! So so true! I believe that whether it is water in a certain area of your house or using seasalt around your home, or even a vision board which Linda West demonstrates on the Infinite Quest site! Which I absolutely love and everyone should have a vision board! It’s focusing on all that’s good and in the end it can’t be anythng other than prosperous! I can go on and on but for this contest you are having on wining the book Feng shui for the Soul. I’ll have to tell you that one thing I do to try to enhance the possitive energy in my life, is to try and eliminate the negative things in my life. I use to feel so terrible around certain people in my life and it would cause a huge upset inky life because I so wanted it to be “Normal” whatever that is! Lol so now I spend no time or little time with people that sqeeze me of all my possitives and things are so much better! Let’s face it that doesn’t cure everything but it’s a start I’ll tell you one more quick one. When I was dating my husband about 22/23 years ago we would get a coffee Tim Horton’s to be exact that coffee is a big deal here in Ontario Canada! Lol anyway we’d grab a coffee and a treat and we would go sit on the mountain brow where we could see over our city . It was quite beautiful and we imagined our life with three children a nice house, a pool, and ultimately we always said that allthose things matter f we were always good to each other. So here we are that many years later. Three children a nice house a pool but most importantly we are here and for the right reasons and intentions! Things are just things but to want to be prosperous for the right reasons well that will bring you forward and being possitive is what makes it happen! I really believe in all this stuff about sending it out to the Universe and it will hear you! I’ve been blessed and I can honestly say I am grateful for everything in my life! And I thank God for that everyday!
    Good night!

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