Keeping Your Emotions on Track – Leon Nacson

If you’ve just woken up from a dream that evoked an emotion that lingers, spend a few moments with it and the emotion before you get out of bed. This will help you to clarify the dream and the emotion so that you can centre your thoughts and begin your day with insights that bring self-empowerment.

Knowledge often comes when an emotion or feeling is identified; we can then determine what it is that brings us great joy, peace and so on in our lives, or, if it is a particularly difficult emotion, determine what needs to be done to achieve resolution in time.

What it is you are feeling cannot really be defined as “negative” or “positive”, rather each emotion can be defined as either a time of expansion (the so-called positive emotions) or a time of contraction (the so-called negative emotions).

Endeavour to define each emotion. The thing to remember is, every negative emotion has the potential to be positive. It’s only energy. Let’s look at the everyday magnet as an analogy. A magnet has a positive end and a negative end. We don’t judge each end as good or bad, and if you put the magnet under the most powerful microscope created by humankind, you would not find a bunch of negative atoms and a bunch of positive atoms… they are simply one and the same. Let’s explore this premise. For example, the next time you feel joyous, or you wake up feeling joyful, we encourage you to remember this the next time you feel trapped or confined.

We’ve approached the “negative” emotions a little differently. Clearly we don’t want to inspire you to remember times that were difficult, so instead you’ll find two questions following each definition; they will assist you to explore the “negative” emotion experienced in your dream. Don’t stop there, ask yourself as many questions as you can and answer them as honestly as possible. Get in touch with the “why” of the emotion or feeling. Then try to recall the last time you felt its opposite (for example, if you’re feeling anxious, recall the last time you felt calm).

Everything in the universe expands and contracts, even the universe itself. What it is you are feeling cannot really be defined as “negative” or “positive”, rather each emotion can be defined as either a time of expansion (the so-called positive emotions) or a time of contraction (the so-called negative emotions). The trick is to expand three millimetres beyond where you are at now, then contract two millimetres, making a gain of one millimetre on your path of consciousness.

Leon Nacson is the author of A Stream of Dreams. See him live at I Can Do It! 2011 as he presents seven of Hay House’s bestselling authors including Louise L. Hay, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and many more!

One Response to “Keeping Your Emotions on Track – Leon Nacson”
  1. Ornella says:

    Hi there, this article is so thought provoking; but in a different way! I have to be so focused in order to be able to put my thoughts together so that they make sense. LOL! My thought are all over the page! I want to comment about so many things. So bare with me and I’ll try to make it simple.
    As far as having certain feelings after waking up in the morning andhaving feelings such as being joyful, happy possibly angry or anxious.well I never really thought of it too much so I’m definitely going to pay more attention to that. For me I feel what I feel & don’t give it much thought. Unless of course it’s an extreme & overwhelming emotion! I’ve had that once for sure maybe twice. Once was nineteen years ago when at the time I thought it was a dream and later found out it was a visitation. That was incrediable! I have been fortunate enought to have a chat with the wonderful Cynthia Richmond authur of Dream Power and she confirmed for me that it was a visitation! It took me many months posibly years to understand some of my messages in that! Anyhow as far as the exercise in trying to put a positive feeling in place of the sad feeling well I was kind of doing that in the past but not in the morning after waking up! I will definitey try it in the morning that makes so much sense because that can change the whole way your day goes on. For me if I was having bad scary dreams as a child young adult and even an adult I would close my eyes and think of the times I was so happy and I would quickly fall asleep with those thoughts, so I encourage my kids now to do the same & they say it works for them too. But I’m going it try it in the morning now! I never give the way I feel much thought I’m already thinking of the bagel I’m making my kids before they go to school! LOL.
    One last thing with Expansion well that’s another word for Evolving which is possitive and Contracting well that’s another word for Shutting Down and that’s never good!
    Thanks for a great read have a wonderful day with possitive thoughts!

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