You Are Psychic – John Holland

We are all born with some degree of psychic ability. The term psychic is actually Greek for “of the soul.” Our psychic or intuitive senses are spiritual gifts, meant to assist us while our spirits are still in our physical bodies. They help us maintain our spiritual awareness and connection to the divine.

Few people realise that for every physical sense, there’s a psychic sense that corresponds with it. For example, have you ever picked up the phone to call someone, and before you could even dial, you discovered that they were on the other end? Have you ever felt that urge to do something and then you decided not to – only to find that you missed out on a great opportunity? Do you know when there’s something wrong with someone close to you, even when they appear to be fine? Well, here’s the good news: You’re not crazy or different.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get many right at first – this is like any other skill that requires practice, patience and experimentation.

These incidents happen all the time, but we tend to ignore them, due to the fact that we’re born into a world of science and technology that has moved us away from our own inner knowing and our psychic abilities.

There have been many books written on spiritual unfoldment and developing one’s awareness. I recommend that you research and experiment to find out what really works for you. The following are two techniques that have worked for me and have psychically jump-started my students:

Meditation: I find that meditation allows me to look at a problem or situation instead of being in it. It’s a chance to stand back and view an issue with new eyes and a new understanding. There’s a saying I love which goes, “They say when you pray, you’re talking to God, but when you meditate, you’re talking with God.”

Telepathy Exercises: For example you and a partner should take turns sending and receiving different images and pictures you clip out of a magazine. You may also have your partner place different photos in envelopes, which they then pass to you. Your job is to write down what images and feelings you’re picking up. Don’t hesitate and change your mind. I want to you to write down your first impressions. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get many right at first – this is like any other skill that requires practice, patience and experimentation.

John Holland is the author of Born Knowing and is touring Australia for I Can Do It! 2011 July-August. For details CLICK HERE.

4 Responses to “You Are Psychic – John Holland”
  1. Nathan says:

    Psychic development is complex subject and there are many paths that leads to success – some are purely spiritual, some are scientific. One should not focus only on telepathy and meditation, as there are many other useful practices, from psychometry to remote viewing to seeing auras :).

  2. Very common sense approach to a skill set that many fear out of ignorance. Thank you.

  3. Ornella says:

    Hi there Mr. John Holland. Iam a member of Infinite Quest and I am so glad that I have come across you on their site and I follow you on twitter. Talk about modern day technolodgy! LOL Obviously I love it but I definitely think it should all be in moderation or we can lose who we are and forget about all the great things like spending time to meditate and connect with our intuitive feelings. The examples you state in this article have happened to me with the telephone or missed opprotunities, or also having missed something that wouldn’t have not been so good if I had gone. I believe in practicing the skill, it’s the patience I have the problem with.LOL And it’s not for anyone else but for myself. I just read the book INFINITE QUEST by John Edward and lets just say amazing! what an expierence. I loved it. It teaches you alot of differents skills in there that’s for sure. Mr. Holland I want to also tell you that I have read your book THE SPIRIT WHISPER and I absolutely love that book as well, you are awesome at what you do and for sharing your stories with us. So I will definitely practice what you are discussing in this article. I have yet to find your book BORN KNOWING. They are always out of it when I go to three of my favourite book stores, so I may have to break down and order it next time! It’s just that when I want to purchase a book I can’t stand waiting for it I want it in my possession. See what I mean about the Patience. It’s a hard one for me.LOL
    Thanks for all you do.

  4. Ornella says:

    Hi there I noticed John Holland has a contest to win his Book Born Knowing, which is a book I would love to have for my book collection. I thought if I send it here maybe someone could pass it along,because the link just led me to the Hayhouse website.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.
    The question was If you had a Super Power what would it be.
    Well that would first of all carry so much responsibility with it. I don’t think I would of ever thought of it that way;but since investigating on Mediumship Psychics and metaphysical world in general, well lets just say the last ten years has been eye opening.
    So here goes…. If I could have a super power it would be to make me appear anywhere I need to be for someone in need of everyday pains that could be avoided, for children, new mothers, lonely elderly people. For example lets say a child is left by themselves playing on a school ground, well I could appear as a little person to play with them. Or how about a new mom feeling like she doesn’t have any control over her changing life and feels helpless. then I could appear in the same place she’s in and be noticeably upset,and when she asks what’s wrong I could tell her that I’m a new mom and sometimes feel out of control and sad but that ultimately that’s normal and then give her some solutions and make her feel as though she’s helped me. My last example is to pop up in an old age home where people still feel like themselves but life has passed them by and people don’t give them the time of day and they feel neglected ( I love Old People) but I would be there as an elderly person and reminisce and listen to their life stories because that’s what they want from you. These are all small things to pay attention to around us and if we were all a little more attentive I wouldn’t need it as a Super Power because it’s already the power God gives us to treat each other with. I thank you Mr. John Holland for this opportunity and I hope you get this! 🙂
    All the Best Ornella

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