Dreaming For Success – Leon Nacson

Behind every successful person is a dream. It may be a daydream or a night dream, and it is our ability to shape and realise our dreams that define us as human beings. Every desire, intention or aspiration we have is shaped by our dreams. We think about it, process it and over time take the appropriate steps to actualise it.

“…our dreams assist recall and may help us to understand a present challenge in relation to a similar successful endeavour in the past.”

In our dream state, we continually refine our goals and aspirations by determining the feelings and emotions we may have around them. Also, our dreams assist recall and may help us to understand a present challenge in relation to a similar successful endeavour in the past. In this way, our dreams encourage us to move forward regardless of whether we are feeling fearful.

Our daydreams, on the other hand, are an imaginative means in which we can constantly redefine our dreams. We imagine what it would be like to achieve our dreams and what steps we can take to get there. While the actual end result may differ from the daydream, it’s the daydream that inspired us to want to achieve. Our daydreams involve our imagination, and the more we spark our imagination, the greater our desire and intent will become to chase the “dream”.

In contrast to daydreams and dreams, our fantasies allow us to play. Unlike our daydreams and dreams, we never fail in our fantasies, we are always the heroes or heroines. There are no penalties for our actions. We are super human and it’s a wonderful world. A world of absolute illusion.

As soon as we move away from the fantasy, we become more practical and can remove any infringement or judgement we have created. Our fantasy becomes a daydream and its success is better guaranteed.
For example, you may fantasise that George Lucas rings you up to commission you to write and produce the next Star Wars movie on an unlimited budget. You imagine the whole adventure an incredible success culminating in an academy award! As a fantasy this infringes on George Lucas’ brainchild and on your opportunities.

But as a daydream, it becomes more empowering because you are not imagining a specific scenario or a specific individual. Instead, you may imagine that you receive a phone call from an anonymous person who wants you to write and produce a script that excites you. You can believe in this dream, and can back it with immediate action. You write, join the appropriate associations and enrol in the appropriate classes. And at the end of the day you have not only dreamed the impossible dream, you have manifested it!

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One Response to “Dreaming For Success – Leon Nacson”
  1. Hi Leon,
    I love what you have written, so right.
    You are a perspicacious individual! (that’s my word for the day and it works!)
    Arna Baartz

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