Are You a Writer? – Wayne W. Dyer

People ask me about writing all the time. How does it work? How can they get their message out to the world? On the recent Hay House I Can Do It cruise, I spoke to the Writer’s Workshop which was one of the programs given on the ship. What a great group of eager, empowered, and energetic people! I told them that it all hinges on what Abraham Maslow taught me many years ago when I was a young doctoral student.

He told me to put forth what I wanted, my work, my message, and then detach from the outcome. This is true for any life work because the work itself must be what is satisfying and fulfilling for you. Writing is challenging work because it’s so easy to get consumed with how it’s going, what’s going to happen to it, who’s going to like or not like it. You want to get all of that stuff out of your head and just let the work flow. If you incarnated to be a writer, if that is your passionate calling, then you’ll be getting messages from Source, from Spirit, leading you in that direction.

Detach from the outcome. Forget about whether it’s going to get published, whether it’s good or not good, whether it’s the right thing.

If you are thinking these thoughts and being guided to write, remember that you incarnated to be a writer, not necessarily an editor. Your first job is to write and not to apply a critical eye to your work without first letting it pour forth. Writing is like anything else—the more you do it, the better you get at it, the easier it comes and the less concerned you’ll be about what’s going to happen to it, where it’s going, what it sounds like, whether it’s right. After my four decades of writing, I have a practice that works beautifully for me. I just let the ideas flow through my heart. I don’t write with a machine. I write with a pen and a paper which is what is most comfortable for me. I just let it flow, and I have a wonderful editor who’s been with me for 32 years. I let her take care of all the details.

To get started, forget the details and let your ideas come out on paper. Get your passion on the paper. Let the passion that you feel come through. You won’t be able to stop and it will be the best writing you ever did. Detach from the outcome. Forget about whether it’s going to get published, whether it’s good or not good, whether it’s the right thing. There is no right in this. Let it come; be an instrument of flow. It’s the practice that makes it work out.

If you told me you had a lousy backhand in tennis, wouldn’t I tell you to go out and hit 1000 backhand shots this week? Keep doing what you love to the best of your ability. Stop judging and get out of your own way. I always tell audiences when I talk about writing: Writing isn’t something I do, writing is something that I am. I am writing—it’s just an expression of me. Is that how it is for you?

Hay House Australia is holding The Writer’s Workshop in Melbourne, August 5, 2011. For more details CLICK HERE.

2 Responses to “Are You a Writer? – Wayne W. Dyer”
  1. Wendy Harrison says:

    Back in the beginning, when fiction was my focus, I waged a daily battle with my ‘internal-editor’. My writng became very prescriptive – as was necessary – in the-land-of-category-romance. I had the ‘formula’ down pat, and before long I could mix a little hero with heroine, but never mix point of view (POV), and always let the plot simmer, never quickly reach the boil. After a while this sweet writing success began to leave a bitter after-taste and my internal editor ground all writing work to a complete halt. And there I sat,without vision, without inspiration, as writers block became a long-term tennant in my once creative mind.

    And here lays the Wisdom of the words sown above by Wayne T Dyer: “Just let the ideas flow through your heart. If writng is your passionate calling, then you’ll be getting messages from Source, from Spirit, leading you in that direction”

    I no longer write romance fiction – well that’s not quite true. The images I paint on the pages these days with my words – reflect a more meaningful and fulfilling form of romance in my life. For me, Love has become a connection transcending all physical form, and needs not to be created in fictional form. I write of personal experience, I write from personal experience, I write without fear, I write without judgment, I write to support, I write to nuture.

    I write because I LOVE writing. I offer my words freely. The words are yours to interpret as you will. My desire to showcase the beauty of a word has grown from my desire to share. This is a Gift I can offer freely to You ~

    With Love ~ Wendy xx

  2. Ornella says:

    Well, where do I go with this? Writing seems to be a bigger passion in my life than I ever knew! Whether it becomes bigger than it already is for me, I don’t know. How can I explain this without writing and rambbling all over the page. LOL
    Ok, I use to write as a young person, poems, letters. And I felt good about some; but didn’t hate the others I just never shared them. LOL As I got older I wrote things for people. For example I’m often asked if I could write for an acknowlesgement of teacher at the school and put into words what kind of person they are. I love doing that. I’ve been asked to write things for people that die and I feel a connection there too. I’ve written Ulagies for my Mother in-law and for my father in-law ( talk about letting it flow from my heart that is the only way and easiest way to write). I’ve contiuned to write different kind of poetry. I wrote a poem for an Author That wrote Exploring the Iceburg by Paul Lamb. A story about a man having a horrible accident & having to put his life back together. Well he ended up putting my poem in a new addition of his book. I was so honoured, excited, thrilled. I can’t even explain the feeling and meanwhile if it had never gotten out I was just thrilled to have writen it for him. So here I’m thinking my little poem ( and I don’t mean that to be belittling but you know what I mean) got this attention and I feel like this. I can’t even imagine writing a book and how that might feel. I’m actually getting an anxcious feeling in my chest writing this right now isn’t that crazy. I can only imagine what it feels like. To be honest when I’ve thought of wrting, I never think will it be published , will people even like it? Maybe it’s because when I write I really do it for myself, maybe that changes when you write with a bigger picture. This blogging has given me a huge opprotunity to be able to express myself. I’m so thankful to Hayhouse for that. You guys are Awesome! I often think wouldn’t it be great to write in a magazine or a paper and just give a thought of the day or a little blurb on an opinion. That would be a dream and that’s okay because dreams are great and sometimes they come true and sometimes they are just great dreams. My youngest is sweet she’s an animal lover and when we talk about dreams she says “mommy if you write a book and we make lots of money can we get a puppy?” Ok is that so cute? It’s sad too.LOL but it’s cute because I’ve said to her maybe if I ever write a book we’ll get a dog! That’s her dream and a dream that can be filled when they become responsible enough to take care of their dream! LOL because that will quickly become my responsibilty. LOL So as far as the Universe or the source or any other great and wonderful energy that may set writing in my path, I don’t know; but I definitely think it shows me signs but sometimes we choose to ignore them for a lot of different reasons. Unfortunately Fear is always an obstacle. Maybe next time around.
    Dr. W. Dyer Thanks again for allowing me to express myself with this and you are so right when you say Witing is who you are “Writing is an expression of me” I love that. I think when I write it’s an expression of me too!
    Ornella From Canada~

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