Can Your Clothing Style Reveal Something About Your Past Life? – Denise Linn

Valuable clues to your past lives can often be found in the types of clothing you’re drawn to (or that you detest). For example, if you prefer long, flowing scarves and soft, loose fabrics (and you love the tall, stately stone pillars of Greek architecture), you might have spent a previous life in ancient Greece.

Of course, there may be many reasons why you enjoy those particular styles, but as you begin to assemble clues, your aesthetic preferences can be very helpful in understanding the whole picture.

Are you attracted to gypsy, peasant, or military fashions? Does a specific ethnic style appeal to you? Do you enjoy wearing long dresses or dinner jackets, or do you loathe formal wear and just like to feel comfortable? Are there certain types of hats that you’ve worn regularly?

I know an American man who donned a Greek-style cap every day; he discovered that he’d been a Greek sailor in a past life. A French man I know who always wore a cowboy hat found that he was once a cowboy in the 19th century Wild West.

The colours of clothing may also have past-life significance. For example, I know a woman who always appeared in saffron yellow garments – it was more or less her trademark. During a regression, she recalled being a hindu monk in India, wearing saffron-coloured robes daily.

Discovering who you were in a past life can be easy and fun! Clothing alone cannot provide all the answers, but if you gather all the clues from other areas of your life, you can begin to solve the puzzle of who you might have been in previous reincarnations:

– Childhood games
– Childhood preferences and inclinations
– Architecture and home-furnishing styles
– Food preferences and eating habits
– Allergies
– Geographical locations
– Climates
– Cultures
– Time periods and historical events
– Music
– Scents, aromas, and smells
– Talents and abilities
– Your Name
– Personality traits, mannerisms, and habitual behaviors
– Fears and phobias

Denise Linn is the author of Past Lives, Present Miracles and will be appearing at I Can Do It 2011. For details and tickets, visit

One Response to “Can Your Clothing Style Reveal Something About Your Past Life? – Denise Linn”
  1. Ornella says:

    I find all that so fascinating. I do believe in all of that. It’s interesting when you may find something you see on other people to look so sharp and it appeals to you; but yet when you try it on for yourself you think oh this is going to look sharp and then it doesn’t but it feels as though it should look good because you love that look so much. Well maybe you did wear it at some time and you looked great in it but it was a different time and a different you!

    Thanks I gotta go to bed I am so tierd but I love having things like this to think about~
    Good night

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