Stay Younger For Longer – Deepak Chopra

There are fascinating studies which show that ageing is not a fixed phenomenon. We all know people who seem ‘old before their time’, or sprightly older people who seem to defy the ravages of time. But strictly controlled studies have demonstrated this very clearly.

Within a week, the actual symptoms of ageing were reversed.

One of the most interesting studies was done at Harvard by psychologist Ellen Langer. In the mid-1980s, she advertised in a Boston newspaper for people over the age of seventy five to participate in an experiment. These people were taken to a retreat where the environment was created to replicate that in 1959. The furniture was from this time, they watched movies from that period, and even the news and reading material from that period was provided.

The results in this experiment was remarkable. Within a week, the actual symptoms of ageing were reversed. People regained flexibility in their fingers, had improved eyesight, and so on. Because they were younger in 1959, and they were receiving the same mental information that they had at the time, their bodies responded accordingly. This leads us to an amazing conclusion: that what we know as chronological age can be reversed!

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One Response to “Stay Younger For Longer – Deepak Chopra”
  1. ornella says:

    I love this article as I do love all the articles posted on this wonderful blog! Even the ones I may not totally agree on but learn so much from all of them, so thank you to all those responsible! You all have a purpose and I know I do too and I am having an interesting time trying to figure out what it is! LOL
    Anyhow back to the article. I believe in this 99.9% if I say 100% well there is that tiny bit of chance where some have never felt (young or younger) in any time of their life. I hope you know what I mean. But for everyone else yes going back to a time they knew best and were comforted in some way. Thay will automatically go back to having similar feeling from before with a twist of appreciation now because they can appreciate iteven more now that they no longer have it. Even if it may bring some saddness of missing it. You can remember what it felt like to be the way you were and these feelings of youthfulness come back. I have seen people in their eighties talk about thing from the past and their smiles ear to ear and it brings that youthful spark in theit lives, it’s amazing they don’t see the wrinkles or the canes they see times of pleasure and happiness and with that comes longevity ( hope I spelt that right. LOL) I can use so many examples, but for now I’ll just end off by saying that it is telling us what we try and teach our kids appearance is nothing it’s how we feel, time that passes is ok it’s what we do in that time that matters!
    Thanks again for a great read!

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