The Healing Powers of Massage – Deepak Chopra

Massage is one of the universal healing techniques. There has been a considerable amount of research lately into the effects of touch. One discovery is that neuropeptides found in the brain are found in the skin as well.

“…when you massage someone you can lower their biological age.”

There have also been numerous studies on the beneficial effects of the caring touch. One study, published in Science recounted research into the effects of a diet high in cholesterol. One group of rabbits, despite the diet, did not show the same high cholesterol readings, but the researchers didn’t know why. They finally discovered that the technician who tended to this particular group was not just feeding them, but petting and cuddling each one.

Another study performed at the University of Miami revealed that premature babies who were regularly stroked gained forty-nine per cent more weight per day. Stroking the baby caused the secretion of growth hormones, or anabolic hormones.

Because growth hormones in small doses also helps to reverse the signs of ageing, when you massage someone you can lower their biological age. You can, it has been shown, cause the secretion of VIP – vaso-active intestinal polypeptide – when you massage someone. VIP is one of the most powerful vasal dilators known to medical science, and can increase the blood flow to the heart, which means that massage is a very powerful tool in treating cardiovascular problems too.

Deepak Chopra is the author of numerous bestselling books. He will be appearing at I Can Do It 2011, July-August. For more information, keep an eye out on the events page at

2 Responses to “The Healing Powers of Massage – Deepak Chopra”
  1. Ornella says:

    This is weird just this past week-end I got an amazing massage and I thought for sure I would be in a lot of pain the day after;but to my surprize I felt wonderful. I believe in all that stuff anyway. I believe that children that are cuddled and loved can only strive in the best way. We had a program here where I’m from in a Childrens hospital where children were born prematurely and volunteers that had a back round check could go in and hold them because mothers were from another city and had other children to take care of or just to give mom’s a break. And they could tell that the babies did so much better with that cuddle and touch from another person. That is so great and not hard to believe!
    Thanks for the read!
    Have a wonderful Day. I think I’ll book with my husband for another massage it was him that gave me the massage for Valentine’s Day and I’ll tell him it’s making me younger! LOL

  2. Touch is very important four emotional growth. Ive also read great studies on the development of premature babies and those who have received regular touch and massage by their parents. Massage is a great way to touch as well as the other benefits it brings. It great too that it can help the aging process 🙂

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