What’s Your “Primary Clair”? – Doreen Virtue

While the angels talk to us in a combination of the four ways—visions, feelings, thoughts, and sounds—one of these channels is strongest for you. We call this your “primary clair.” The other three clairs amplify and augment this primary means of angelic communication.

You’ve probably heard that some people are highly visual, while others are more auditory or kinesthetic, and so on. These individual styles reflect how you take in the material world with your physical senses, as well as how you receive and notice Divine communication.

To discover your primary clair, think about the following scenarios and then answer the question (choose only one response for each):

1. When you initially meet someone new, what’s the first thing you tend to notice about the person?

A. The way the person looks, such as clothing, hair, teeth, shoes, or general attractiveness

B. How you feel around the person, such as being comfortable, amused, safe, and so on

C. Whether you find the person interesting, or believe this may be someone who can help you out in your career

D. The sound of the person’s voice or laughter

2. Think back on a vacation you took. What stands out most in your memory?

A. The beautiful sights of nature, the architecture, or something that you witnessed

B. The peaceful, romantic, restful, or exhilarating feelings associated with the trip

C. The important and interesting cultural and/or historical information that you learned while traveling

D. The sweet silence, the crashing surf, the chirping birds, the rustling leaves, music, or some other sound

3. Recall a movie that you truly enjoyed. When you think of that film, what comes to mind first?

A. The attractive actors and actresses, the lighting, the costumes, or the scenery

B. The way the movie made you laugh, cry, or moved you in some other regard

C. The interesting plot, or the life lessons that you or the movie’s characters learned during the story

D. The musical score or the sound of the actors’ and actresses’ voices

Note your answers to the above questions. Most likely, you’ve answered two or three questions with the same letter, which signifies your primary clair, or the dominant way in which you process information about the physical and spiritual world.

This is what the answers mean:

Mostly “a” answers signify clairvoyance. You’re a highly visual person and are likely to notice how people, places, and even meals look before you focus on anything else. You’re probably very artistic; or if you’re not creative in this way, you have an excellent eye for putting together wardrobes, interior design, and such. Visual harmony is important to you, and you appreciate anything that’s pleasing to the eye. You probably see sparkling or flashing lights when angels move around you, and you’ve most likely seen a departed loved one out of the corner of your eye before. You have mental visions of possibilities, and you have the ability to put these intentions into action.

Your angels speak to you through mental images; signs that you witness with your physical eyes (anything that’s meaningful that you see); repeating number sequences (such as 111, 444, and so on); finding coins; seeing butterflies, birds, and colors around people; and other visual means. Trust these visions—they’re Heaven’s way of speaking to you!

‘… clairsentience. You interact with the world through your physical and emotional feelings. You’re highly sensitive and may have difficulty dealing with crowds…’

Mostly “b” answers signify clairsentience. You interact with the world through your physical and emotional feelings. You’re highly sensitive and may have difficulty dealing with crowds, which can include driving on busy streets and freeways. You sometimes confuse others’ feelings for your own. You’re very compassionate, and often feel the pain of those around you (sometimes unknowingly). You may overeat or indulge in other addictions to deal with overwhelming feelings. You want to help others to feel happy, and may become a professional helper or form relationships with people who need assistance.

You’ve been teased for being “too sensitive,” yet your sensitivity has made you a delicate receiving instrument for Heaven’s messages.Your angels speak to you through your heart and body. You feel joy as an indicator that you’re on the right path; dread as a sign that changes and healing are necessary; and fatigue as a clue that you need to take time for rest, play, and self-care. You can tell whether a person is trustworthy or not, and your gut feelings are accurate. You feel air-pressure and temperature changes when communicating with the spirit world, can sense the presence of angels or departed loved ones, and sometimes feel angels brushing your skin or hair. Don’t write these sensations off as being “just feelings”—they’re how Heaven speaks to you!

Mostly “c” answers signify claircognizance. You’re an intellectual who receives direct communication through ideas and revelations. You often know facts (both trivial and important) without having read or heard anything about a particular subject before, as if God has downloaded the information directly into your brain. You’re not comfortable with small talk, and prefer deeper and more profound discussions. You may feel uneasy around people, except in one-on-one situations involving a subject of interest to you. You’re able to fix electronic and mechanical items without referring to instruction booklets, and you know how to heal people and situations, too. You’ve most likely been teased for being a “know-it-all.” You may be skeptical about angels and psychic abilities, unless you’ve had a dramatic lifesaving experience that you can’t explain away.

Your angels speak to you through wordless impressions that you receive in your mind. You’re able to mentally ask for information or help and receive it as Divine instructions that suddenly appear in your thoughts. You receive brilliant ideas for inventions, teachings, and businesses that shouldn’t be ignored. The “Aha” moments are clues to when you’re connecting with your angels. As a claircognizant, you tend to assume that your knowledge is common information. It isn’t—it’s Heaven’s way of answering your prayers and speaking to you!

Mostly “d” answers signify clairaudience. You’re very sensitive to noise, and you’re the first one to cringe at off-key notes or other unpleasant sounds. You can remember song melodies in much the same way that someone with a photographic memory can recall material they’ve read. It’s best if you use earplugs when traveling, as sensitivity to noise makes it difficult for you to sleep or relax on airplanes and in hotel rooms. For the same reason, you avoid the first few rows at loud concerts. When you use alarm clocks, you prefer waking to soft music on the radio rather than loud buzzing sounds.

Your angels speak to you with words that you hear inside or outside your mind. During emergencies, a loud voice outside of one ear warns you of danger. The voice of Heaven, unlike an auditory hallucination, is always loving, to the point, and inspiring—even when it asks you to do something heroic, or function beyond what you believe are your capacities. You’re likely to hear celestial music and your name being called in the morning. Don’t worry that you’re making it up, even if it sounds like your own voice. As long as the voice is loving and asks you to improve a situation, it’s Heaven’s way of speaking directly to you!

This is an extract taken from Doreen Virtue’s new book, The Angel Therapy Handbook. For more info CLICK HERE.

3 Responses to “What’s Your “Primary Clair”? – Doreen Virtue”
  1. Ornella says:

    Hi Doreen, I love all this information. I have a couple of your books & I enjoy them. As soon as I finish reading this other book I will be revisiting yours. You can read your books over and over and find something new. They are books that continually keep giving, information, knowledge and simply good feelings.
    I love it when you say things in this read like, Heaven speaks to you! Heaven’s way of speaking directly to you! Heaven’s way of answering your prayers and speaking to you! I love feeling that you give those wonderful feelings to people. About all the Clairs I sometimes feel like I’m a little bit of all of them but I think I’m mostly “B” Clairsentience.
    This was fun and very thought provoking of what I really notice about things. Thanks for that!

    God Bless you for all you do for people. We’re all lucky to have an Angel like you on Earth!

    Ornella From Canada~

  2. This quiz is really onto something. Of all the people that I’ve met who have possessed one of these ‘skills,’ I’ve noticed that one of them is more prevalent than an other. Some people may be more likely to ‘hear’ than they are to ‘see’ where others it is more of a ‘feeling.’ Other still, they can taste (or smell) things. Fascinating subject.

    With Love and Gratitude,


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