Being Happy, Doing Nothing – Robert Holden

The following story is asking you what has to happen – according to you – before you let yourself be happy:

It was a beautiful, hot, lazy summer day and Billy was fishing by the river. After a while, a stranger in a suit and tie walked by. “How are you doing?” asked the stranger.

“Being happy, doing nothing,” Billy replied.

“Catch any fish?” asked the stranger.

Billy hadn’t stopped to count. “Maybe ten, but I let them all go back in again,” said Billy.

“Ten fish! Why, you should have kept them and sold them,” said the stranger.

“Why?” asked Billy.

“You could have made a profit, and then invested that profit in a better rod.”

“Why do I need a better rod?” asked Billy.

“Well, with a better rod you could catch more fish.”

“Why would I want more fish?” asked Billy.

“Well more fish equals more profit, and with more profit you could have your own refrigerated truck,” said the stranger.

“But I like it here, just being happy, doing nothing,” said Billy.

“Okay, but with a great big truck you could make even more profit,” said the stranger.

“And then what?” asked Billy.

“Who knows? You could, with enough hard work, end up opening your own fish restaurant one day!” said the stranger.

“And what then?” asked Billy.

“Well, by then, you’d be so rich you could come fishing here whenever you liked!” said the stranger.

“Aren’t I doing that already?” smiled Billy.

The fishing is a symbol for simply being. Billy is your unconditional Self, completely relaxed and happy… being, doing nothing. The stranger, in suit and tie, is the ego – the little voice that tells you that before you can simply be happy, you absolutely must, ought, and should toil and struggle.

When Self-acceptance gives way to self-improvement, you often end up denying yourself happiness now because you believe there are certain conditions that first “must,” “out,” and “should” be met.

Happiness is possible, according to the ego, with “a little bit more,” when we “get to there,” and when we “take the next step.” The point is, however, that…

happiness requires no next step; it is already here!

Robert Holden is the author of Happiness Now! available at all leading retailers. For more info CLICK HERE.

2 Responses to “Being Happy, Doing Nothing – Robert Holden”
  1. Ornella says:

    I am forty years old and have been a pretty accepting person of others my entire life. Okay maybe in the last ten years or so I tend to question peoples intentions and pay more attention to EGOS!
    I’m still travelling through this life journey of mine and I am terrible intriged with all the great people I have met through my career and friends. What greater things are there? So I totally understand the boy and fishing and just being in the moment and being happy doing nothing, really! I get that I TRY to do that everyday in some way. It might be to just take a deep breath and be aware of my surroundings and appreciate everything and that makes me so happy and I’m doing nothing, really . I have difficulty understanding the difference in Ego and just simply being inspired to do more and get further in life. I love nice things but whether I have them or not I’m just as happy. Is it necessarily bad that the man in the suit is giving the boy some ideas in being successful at doing what he is happy doing. Isn’t it sometimes bad if there is no motivation.We can’t simply live on Happiness even though I believe that by being happy a lot of times other great things come with that. I understand that the man in the suit is the Ego pushing the little boy and I guess my question is when is it the Ego talking or the positive eagerness in us to do wonderful things in life, talking. For example if in life I were to cut hair for free because it makes me happy and I didn’t use it to make money so that I can feed my kids and raise a family. Well I wouldn’t be able to do that for long because things need to be paid for. If what ego means is that your intention is to simply make yourself wealthy with things just because you can . Well then happiness isn’t there if you are filling it with things and maybe the lesson in this life time is to realize that happiness can be achieved with LESS rather than MORE. I’m reading a book by John Edward called Infinite Quest. I absolutely love it .It’s ajourney on it’s own and it makes me question my Ego that I really never thought I had. (LOL) I think that maybe (Intention) should be a part of this equation so that we can question our intentions and that is what the difference is. I think that it’s great that the story is with a child because as children we have the simple way of thinking and asking all the Why questions. Unfortunately as we get older we lose that innocense of how we want to live our lives simple but we are contantly pushed by so many directions to do more and become more as if what we are isn’t enough. I think I’m pretty grounded but it would be my Ego talking if I said I got it figured out, LOL because I really don’t. But it’s definitely worth trying to figure it out!
    Sorry if that sounds complicated. I’m still trying to figure it out! LOL
    Thanks for giving me something to think about!


  2. hayhouseoz says:

    Thanks again for sharing Ornella!

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