Lessons In Love – Gordon Smith

I think that if you’re meant to meet a certain person, you will be given that chance, whether by some influence from spirit or by your own actions. At important points in our lives, the opportunities will land on our paths.

The truth is that love’s not about people, it’s a constant, something that we move through as we grow spiritually. Not every relationship will work out, but if we accept the lessons learned without bitterness and move on, they can take us a step closer to a better love.

‘I think that if you’re meant to meet a certain person, you will be given that chance, whether by some influence from spirit or by your own actions.’

When I see people at the beginnning of a relationship they’re usually completely caught up in the passion and think that it’ll be like that for the next 50 years. But that full force of romance can’t be switched on 24/7 – imagine how exhausting that would be, and how little energy you’d have for the rest of your life and the people in it.

But don’t get scared when the fires die down and the violin music stops. My mother just lost my father after 63 years of marriage and they were chalk and cheese, but they still survived everythng that life could throw at them and she told me only the other day, ‘I miss the fights – they kept us together.’

It’s when we play around and become selfish and say, ‘I want this or that from love,’ that we pull away from the real thing. When we beign to put conditions on love, we restrict the amount of love we can have in our lives.

If we’re lucky to be touched by love in this ife it should inspire us the be loving, to bring out the best in ourselves, not make ourselves and others unhappy.

Gordon Smith is the author of Why Do Bad Things Happen? available now at all good bookstores and leading retailers.

2 Responses to “Lessons In Love – Gordon Smith”
  1. Ornella says:

    Lessons in Love, well that is the absolute best title for this.
    When I think of what love really is to me, well it’s not what you always thought it would be and that isn’t a bad thing. I don’t even know where to start with my thoughts on this so I will apoligize in advance if it sounds totally crazy.LOL
    Here goes, so as it was mentioned in this blog how relationships begin with so much Passion. That is true in most cases but there are the times where it starts in friendship or having things in common. Other times like in my personal case I just loved being around the person. Their energy, their smile, patience and just feeling like it was a safe place being around them, like HOME! And for me Home is LOVE. Passion wasn’t the first part of the program for me but that definitely changed as days went by, Maybe that is the reason I can say I’m so passionate about my spouse twentythree years later. I’m thinking ( not saying it’s the right thing, it’s just the way I see it) that the begining of a story (relationship) can really tell a lot. And as the story goes different strokes for different fokes! I can tell you that for me having passion be the first feeling for someone wouldn’t carry me through a lasting relationship . Where as for some it works! So I guess what I’m saying is that love is indiviual. It means different things to different people. I love what was mentioned in the blog about missing the fighting! That’s REAL, that’s what LOVE is, REAL! It’s an emotion that carries us through good times bad times hard times and happy times! It’s an understanding between people! If I had to give a simple way to describe how love can be felt, well that’s easy have total acceptance (doesn’t mean you have to feel the same way they do) be unconditional and be there for one another and watch the love grow like tulips blossom at the first sight of warmth and sunlight. It’s pretty great .Sometimes we forget how LOVE is a miracle too. Remember there are always weeds that come and go but it doesn’t mean that love (or a flower)can’t grow! One more thing you have to Love yourself first to be able to feel Love for anyone else. Love doesn’t just happen like you see in the movies! LOL Love is work! I never knew what that meant years ago but that was and still is a Lesson in Love for me.

    Thanks for this great read.

  2. hayhouseoz says:

    Wow, Ornella! Thanks for sharing your take on love. We think just being around the person and feeling safe is the best feeling! Love and light, Hay House x

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