Should We Pay Attention to Premonitions? – Larry Dossey

Have you ever felt that something was going to happen, and it turned out that you were right? Or have you ever sensed that a loved one was in danger, and then later found that that person was harmed?

There are four instances where you should pay attention to premonitions:

1. When premonitions are accompanied by physical symptoms.

In 1909 Carl Gustav Jung visited Sigmund Freud in Vienna. Jung described what happened as their meeting drew to a close: “While Freud was going on his way, I had a curious sensation. It was as if my diaphragm was made of iron and was becoming red-hot – a glowing vault. And at that moment there was such a loud report in the bookcase, which stood right next to us, that we both started up in alarm, fearing the thing was going to topple over us. I said to Freud: ‘There, that is an example of a so-called catalytic exteriorisation phenomenon.’ ‘Oh come,’ he exclaimed, ‘that is sheer bosh.’ ‘It is not, Her Professor. And to prove my point I now predict that in a moment there will be another loud report!’ Sure enough, no sooner had I said the words than the same detonation went off in the bookcase.”

Whether we experience an extreme sensation like Jung’s red-hot diaphragm, or something as minor as a headache, physical symptoms can alert us that lurking premonitions should be seriously considered.

2. When premonitions are intrusive and insistent, as if clamoring for attention.

During WWII, as Jung was returning home by train, he opened a book but could not focus on it because he became overpowered by the image of someone drowning. It seemed so weird that he began to wonder if they could have been an accident. On reaching home and walking into the garden, he saw some of his grandchildren looking upset. They told him that one of the boys had fallen into the deep water in the boathouse. He could not swim and almost drowned, having been saved by his older brother.

3. When the premonition indicates death, no matter how fuzzy the details may be.

Psychologist Jerome S. Bernstein, who has described many premonitions that preceded the tragedies of September 11 believes a dream premonition is a literal message to take action, for we may not have a second chance. He suggests that when a dream premonition is extraordinarily vivid and deals with the body, physical health, and life or death.

4. When premonitions seem intensely real.

This happens particularly during premonitory dreams, as opposed to waking premonitions. The dream premonition may “light up with glowing significance,” as one individual put it, as if “realer than real.” The dream can seem so important that one has the urge to record it, or to wake one’s spouse or partner to share it.”

Larry Dossey is the author of The Power of Premonitions available at all leading retailers. Hay House is giving one copy away to the best story on a premonition you have experienced. Simply tell us in the ‘leave a reply’ box below. Competition ends February 4, 2011!

9 Responses to “Should We Pay Attention to Premonitions? – Larry Dossey”
  1. I have had several premonitions come true in regards to friends, family & strangers health. My biggest battle I feel is to get people to listen to my premonitions. In 1997 I had a dream that my ex boyfriend was crying and telling me his dad had died of a heart attack. With-in a few days my sister called to inform me of his death. I felt bad that I had not done anything to stop it and was confused as to how I had seen it coming. 5 years later I had a dream that my Nanna was rushing my grandfather around and he to collapsed and had a heart attack. Not wanting to see the same thing happen again I called my Mum who knew of my premonitions and begged her to ask my Nan to just rest a while and not to take my aging grandfather out or rush him around for a couple of weeeks. She did not call my Nan and the next week my grandfather died at the football after my Nan rushed him up some stairs, it was a heart attack.
    I have also had dreams of world events, a week before princess Dianna died I drempt that the Queen was speaking to someone about a Royal family members death.
    I also had a dream that I was in the back of a Taxi begging the driver not to go to the station, he would not listen so I jumped out of the cab. A week later a taxi driver was stabbed at the exact station I drempt of.
    In the last few years I no longer so much get dream premonitions, but ones when I am awake. Some things I just know. For Example: My partner was a cricket player and had been for 13 years. I begged him to wear a helmet as I could see his left skull being hit and a scar the shape of a question mark being left. He would not listen. I cried and begged him to listen. But he would not. A few weeks later he was hit in the head with a cricket ball and cracked his skull. They needed to operate and the scar is shaped like a question mark.
    I was devastated that he would not listen. At times Its good to see the future, but when people dont listen its quite frustrating.

  2. Fabiola Zepeda says:

    I’ve been living with these kind of premonitions my whole life. Since I was a very young girl premonitions about famous people dying or robberies, or accidents, even good events were appearing in my mind and senses, and because things were surely happening after the premonition appeared, I started to feel scared. I was very young then, and didn’t know if the premonition was a message or something I was creating in my mind, so in a way I felt guilty. Every time the premonition came, I tried to change the whole movie in my mind, so if there was something terrible that was about to happen I visualized it in a positive way, and every time I failed to change it, it would happend! The people with whom I was sharing all these at the time, just told me that they were scared too, and they didn’t want me to tell them anything else.
    Now after almost 30 years I still receive messages, but not as often as in the past, I believe that my fear then, when I didn’t understand, cause me to block that huge talent and blessing. Now that I know that this was a gift, I’m thankful for it, and I open my heart and mind to keep receiving new messages and advice. Today I’m asking God and my angels to give me the discernment and clarity to understand those massages, so I can be of help to anyone who can be in need, including myself.

  3. K Hill says:

    Yes, we should pay attention to premonitions. Although they are not always designed to warn us (so we can stop a particular incident from occurring), they can often help us to prepare internally for what might become.

    A few years ago I was woken by a frightening dream that my parent’s home was burning down. It was about 2am, and I felt I had to check everyone was alright. But rather than pick up the phone to call them (and therefore worry them if there was nothing wrong), I got out of bed and drove the 20 minutes to their home.

    I arrived at their house and parked my car on the street. I saw that there was only one light on in the house and that was the light in my father’s bedroom (my mum and dad were divorced but were still best friends who shared a home together).

    I was so relieved to see there was nothing evidently wrong and that everyone appeared to be safe.

    But instead of turning around and going home I spent a few minutes sitting in my car, just watching the light shining from dad’s room. After a while I started to be overcome with feelings of intense love, connection and peace towards him.

    For all my life he had been a hedonistic alcoholic who had gradually declined into a state of being unable to care for himself. Feeling that strong love for him then made me realise it was time to forgive him, let go of my anger, and just accept that he is who he is.

    I started up the car and went home. The next day I meditated and worked to release my anger and pain, and finally I was able to honestly say in my heart “I forgive you Dad and I love you”. The very next night he was admitted to hospital and passed away in the morning. His alcoholism had finally claimed him.

    I am grateful to the premonition I had which allowed me to find peace with my father and connect with him through love again before he passed away.

  4. Ornella says:

    Well, I have had so many premonitions in my life like so many people have. But they are only premonitions if you pay attention to them and realize what they are because I feel everyone has them.
    For me they started very young. I never wanted to give them much thought because they scared me but they would put themselves right at the fore front.
    I’m not sure if this counts because the one that I’m going to tell you about happened when I was eight or nine years old. I’ll try to make the story brief.
    When I was three my father was diagnosed with Leukimia. Not a good thing but he lived with it for six or seven years, which was pretty great! My parents being imagrants thought that this diagnosis was something that would be cured, so as bad as it was my parents pushed forward with treatments that they were told would help my father not really knowing that this wasn’t going to end well. Anyhow one day years after his diagnosis I said to my mother when my dad had been hospitalized for the hundreth time. I said “ma I think daddy is going to die” She looked at me speachless then hugged me and said things would be okay;but I knew they wouldn’t be okay because I had seen in my thoughts and dreams that my father had passed and I had experierenced his funeral. I saw everything in my mind, how people were crying and offering condolences. I remember not liking the feeling that people were giving me because my dad had died. It was difficult as a nine year old to not feel as though I was wishing him to die because his illness had brought so much axciety; but of course no one could wish someone they loved so dearly and especially someone that had treated me so lovingly to die! It was a premonition and a few days later my grandparents that had come from Europe to see my dad because they knew he was ill were staying with us and my grandfather answered the telephone just after five am on February 5th 1980. I was sleeping with my sister and my mother was at the hospital that night with my father and I looked at my sister and said “daddy died” she held me tight and said no don’t say that. About an hour later my mom came home and our lives were changed forever. Everyone was crying and my brother was screaming but I just sat there amongst my family watching something I had already visualized before. I was prepared for what was happening. Maybe to help other members in the family. For whatever reason I knew this was going to happen. I don’t look at this expierence as a sad or bad one anymore. About 11 years ago I was watching Crossing Over with John Edward and someone in the audience felt guilty because he had seen his brother die in his dreams and then shortly after his brother really did die and he felt he should of been able to stop this. These were the exact feeling I had as a nine year old. John Edward told him there is nothing you could of done and that he had a premonition so that it would help him for when the event would occur. I now feel that it was a heads up for me too and I thanked whoever it was that did that for me because I was able to help the ones around me because I already knew. Looking back now I’m still the one that can speak of our loss with a different frame of mind and it’s all because of my Premonition.
    Thanks for the opprotunity to share my life changing story!
    Ornella From Canada~

  5. Amelian Ayre says:

    I have had a few premonitions through out my life, they mostly come to me in dreams, or with my intuitions (if it’s going to be bad) it will feel as if I have a gnawing, uneasy knot in my stomach.
    When I was just thirty I had dream that my brother was stabbed to death right around Easter. I remember waking up in a panic, I sat down and immediately wrote a lengthy letter to my brother. I warned him to be careful and told him of my dream.
    A few months went by, it was Good Friday and we had just come home from church . The phone was ringing, it was my father, he told me that my brother had been killed, and that he had been stabbed to death.
    When I arrived at my parents house, my sister and my mother started to question me about my dream, which I had long forgot about until that moment. I asked them how they knew of that dream, they said because of Maury’s letter that they had just got that day. In his letter I read, “I have a lot of enemies here, but I am especially careful around Easter because of Maria’s Dream.”
    I’m now fifty-two and I have just starting to let myself open up to my premonitions and intuitions, which I believe everyone has. We are taught at an early age not to believe in our own minds or gut instincts, when In fact they are God given to help us protect ourselves. They are the same instincts he gave to his animals.
    I started to keep a dream journal a few months ago and in my dream last week I dreamt that I was in my son’s car and I was in the drivers seat. The car started to roll backwards and I had both feet on the brakes trying to stop it , but it wouldn’t stop, it kept rolling backwards. When I woke, before I arose, I grabbed my journal and wrote of the dream, I also wrote call Dustin (my son) and tell him to check his breaks. I told my husband of the dream and asked him if he would check our brakes too.
    He like my son thought I was nuts, as usual. He informed me that he changed the brake’s not to long ago and they should be good. I drove our vehicle that day and it made a funny noise that both my son and I heard. I asked my husband to please check out the noise. He drove my vehicle to work the following day. He didn’t hear anything unusual, but decided to pull the wheels off anyways to check. He found the left brake shoes worn down and the right brake completely worn gone.
    The next time you feel that gnawing sensation way down in your gut, don’t count it off as gas, your life just might be at stake.
    We are to perk up our minds ears and hear our clues, to feel with our bodies and love with our hearts..
    Wishing you and Yours Life’s Very Best!

  6. Amelian Ayre says:

    Dear Hay House Australia’s Blog,
    How awesome is this! You made a big ole’ smile come across these lips!
    Thank you so much and I would LOVE to receive the book, Should We Pay Attention to Premonitions? by Larry Dossey! I just finished a book by Penney Peirce and was wishing for another book to read. Wow, “The Law of Attraction is an amazing gift!”
    Thank you so much for choosing me, I did enjoy reading all the other post and thought they were all quite good…
    I couldn’t message my address to you on Twitter, I think because you don’t follow me, so I replied it back to you via your email-hopefully you will get my address that way.
    Thank you so much again!
    Wishing You and Your’s Life’s Very Best!
    Amelian Ayre

  7. Ornella says:

    Hello, Congratulations to the winner, that is Awesome. Have a nice Week-end~


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