Waiting for that Special Someone? 3 Tips on Patience – Wayne W. Dyer

There’s no point whatsoever in an unloving man or woman bemoaning their inability to find a partner. They’re doomed to endless frustration because they don’t recognise the perfect match when it appears. That loving person could be right here, right now, and their resistance doesn’t allow them to see it. The unloving person continues to blame bad luck or external factors for their not having a loving relationship.

“If no one showed up, it was because you needed to handle something on your own and therefore attracted no one to fulfill your energy level at that time.”

Love can only be attracted by and returned by love. If you’re waiting for a loving relationship to manifest in your life, here are three tips to help you attract that special person:

1. You’re already connected to those you want in your life – so act like it.

You share the same Source energy with everyone, and consequently, you must begin to think and act in a way that reflects your awareness of this principle. When you feel the need to have the right person show up, being to change your inner dialogue to reflect this awareness. Rather than saying, I wish this person would show up because I need to get out of this rut, activate a thought that reflects your connection, such as: I know the right person will be arriving in divine order at precisely the perfect time.

2. It’s all unfolding in divine order.

By now you should affirming that everyone you need for this journey of yours will show up, and that they’ll be perfect in every way for whatever needs you have at this time. Furthermore, they’ll arrive at precisely the right moment. In this intelligent system that you’re part of, everything arrives from the field of intention where the infinite, invisible life force flows through everyone and everything. This includes you, and everyone else as well. Trust in this invisible life force and the all-creating mind that intends everything into existence.

I suggest that you do a quick review, and note all of the people who’ve shown up as characters in this play called your life. It’s has all been perfect. You may feel that they didn’t show up when you needed them, that in fact, you were alone and no one showed up at all, but I urge you to see it from the perspective of all of life being in divine order. If no one showed up, it was because you needed to handle something on your own and therefore attracted no one to fulfill your energy level at that time. Viewing your past as a play in which all characters and all entrances and exits were scripted by your Source and was what you attracted at the time , frees you from the very low energies of guilt, regret, and revenge.

3. Be infinitely patient.

To be infinitely patient means to have an absolute knowing within you that you’re in vibrational harmony with the all-creating force that intended you here. You are, in fact, a co-creator of your life. You know that the right people will show up on divinely ordained schedule. Attempting to rush the schedule based on your own timetable is akin to getting down on your knees and tugging at an emerging tulip shoot, insisting that you need the flower to grow. Creation reveals its secrets by and by, not according to your agenda.

The immediate result that you’ll receive from your infinite patience is a deep sense of peace. You’ll feel the love of the creation process, you’ll stop making incessant demands, and you’ll start being on the lookout for exactly the right person.

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