Attract Ideal People and Divine Relationships – Wayne W. Dyer

Your intention is absolutely clear here. You want to attract the people who are intended to be part of your life, and you want to have a happy, fulfilling, spiritual relationship. The universal all-creating field is already cooperating with your intention. In some invisible way, you’re already connected spiritually to those perfect-for-you people. So why can’t you see them, touch them, or hold them, and why aren’t they there when you need them?

What you need in the way of the right people showing up will appear for you only when you’re ready and willing to receive them. They’ve always been there. They’re there right now. They’ll always be there. The questions you need to ask yourself are: Am I ready? Am I willing? and How much am I willing to have it?

“…you must be what it is that you’re seeking. This is a universe of attraction and energy.”

If your responses to these questions are a readiness and willingness to experience your desires, then you’ll begin seeing people not only as a body with a soul, but as a spiritual being clothed in a unique body. One you’ve formed a picture in your mind of the person or people that you intend to show up in your immediate life space, and you know how you want them to treat you and what they’ll be like, you must be what it is that you’re seeking. This is a universe of attraction and energy.

You can’t have a desire to attract a mate who’s confident, generous, non-judgmental, and gentle and expect that desire to be manifested if you’re thinking and acting in non-confident, selfish, judgmental, or arrogant ways – which is why most people don’t attract the right people at the right time.

The right people will show up precisely when you need them and when you’re able to match up. You must be that which you desire. When you are what you desire, you attract it by radiating it outward. You have this ability to match up with the power of intention and fulfill your intention to attract ideal people an divine relationships.

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One Response to “Attract Ideal People and Divine Relationships – Wayne W. Dyer”
  1. Ornella says:

    Hello, Is’nt it wonderful how the Law of attraction works. I believe that making people aware of how powerful and real that it is, you are helping them find true and fulfilling love for themselves and happiness around others. We are so lucky to have people in our Universe like yourself that can write books for others like myself to ask ourselves these question that are sometimes difficult to put to the forefront and also difficult to realize until someone points them out. They are questions and ways of thinking that shouldn’t be ignored but yet explored with balance of course.
    Thanks for an interesting read.


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