The Magic and Power of Words – Doreen Virtue

They’re often used without a thought, but a deeper look at your choice of words can either make or break your business, finances, relationships and career.

That’s why the old adage, “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought” is a time-honored truism. Positive words are your business partner, mentor, and financial planner. Positive words are an investment which costs nothing, yet which yields very high dividends.

Positive words, like guardian angels, can help you to soar into positive new horizons. Just the mere act of altering your vocabulary and using life-affirming words can dramatically and quickly change your life in magical ways!

“Positive words, like guardian angels, can help you to soar into positive new horizons.”

I’ve always noticed my unpleasant reactions whenever I, or others around me, engaged in negative discussions. No matter how juicy the gossip, I could feel my stomach tightening in response to talking about others. Same with fear-based speculations about the earth’s environment or humankind’s future.

I receive a lot of calls for help through my websites, radio show, and workshops. Frequently, I’m asked for angelically based answers to help resolve stressful financial and career situations. Invariably, I find that the person – because of their stress – is using negative words to describe their current situation. They often are unaware that they’re using negative affirmations (such as “I’m broke”) or they’re unaware that this affirmation is ensuring that their stressful condition will continue.

A woman named Carolyn Purchase has owned a metaphysical store in Nova Scotia for five years. In the past, whenever anyone would ask Carolyn how business was, she’d always reply, “I’ll never be rich, but it pays its bills.” Carolyn said that phrase countless times before realizing its impact.

One day Carolyn was chatting with a close friend about how the store should be a gold mine, since it’s the only one in the region, with lots of customers, and great reputation. They wondered, then, why wasn’t the store doing better? Why was it only making enough for Carolyn to buy inventory and pay the bills?

Carolyn got her answer when a customer asked how the store’s business was doing. Just as Carolyn was about to give her standard, “I’ll never be rich . . . “ reply, she had an epiphany and said instead, “Fantastic! This place is a gold mine!” She said it with such conviction that she believed every word.

That was a year ago and whenever anyone asks, “How’s business?” Carolyn continues to say that it’s fantastic and the place is a gold mine. Over this last year, her sales have increased forty percent over where they were last year and they just keep climbing! The only thing that’s changed are Carolyn’s words from the limiting ones to the positive energy vibration. Her words have made the gold-mine.

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One Response to “The Magic and Power of Words – Doreen Virtue”
  1. Ornella says:

    Hi Doreen, I total feel the same way about the choice in words and how they can affect us, as do many others. My dilema is how do you respond so positively when the reciever may not be that happy with your happiness.
    I’m positive a lot of the time to measure it would be silly but for numbers sake I would say I’m positive 90% of the time which is wonderful but can sometimes back fire because people can become jealous of your attitude. Most of the time it’s contagious which is great but sometimes it isn’t. How do you help yourself from being affected by the negative energy? I surround myself with the white light of God’s love and protection and say this all the time but sometimes things can still weigh on me.
    I’m in a situation where people tell me all their problems and as much as they love that I’m positive they have shared comments with me that lean towards being envious and I don’t like that. I usually tell them to think of all the great thngs about themselves and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but the important thing is to make people aware of how their outlook can change and become positive!
    Thanks for this reminder and how the power of words is so important!

    Thanks again Doreen you are very inspiring~

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