10 Quick Tips for Success Now – Dr Robert Holden

As another year draws to a close, do you look upon your successes or do you feel you could have achieved greater things? Robert Holden, author and director of Success Intelligence and The Happiness Project – two pioneering projects that work closely with leaders in business – shares his top ten tips on how you can succeed in the coming year with flying colours.

1. Believe in new beginnings

The sun rises, a new year has begun, and God has sent out His divine invitations to one and all.  What do you say “Yes” to this year?  What will you give your heart to?  How will you live?

I love the thought of new beginnings, and of course the truth is that each new day can be a new start.  Once we say “YES” all manner of help and inspiration is at hand.

2. Listen to yourself

Before you switch on your cell, your blackberry, or your e-mail give God 10 little minutes, and ask “What is success today?”  Keep listening. Take notes. Live accordingly.

To be successful, you have to listen to yourself, and you have to remind yourself what is real.  Don’t follow someone else’s definition of success.  It’s impossible to feel successful and be inauthentic.

3. Be purposeful

Each and every member of the Busy Generation has to be willing to sacrifice busyness for true success.

The goal of your life is not be as busy as possible.  One of the biggest blocks to genuine success is permanent busyness.  Real success is about discerning between busyness and purpose, urgency and importance, activity and genuine accomplishment.

4. Slow down

The Monty Python sketch “The 100 Yard Dash for People with No Sense of Direction” is a perfect metaphor for our mad-dash world.  Success is not about how fast you live; it is about how well you live.

5. Let love be your guide

If your definition of success has little or no measure of love in it, get another definition. For me, this is the ultimate truth about success.

6.  Be genuine

If you think something is missing in your life it is probably more of the real you.

To be successful, you have to make sure that you are being the person you want to be, and that you are giving what it is you want to receive.

7. Put happiness first

We do not become happy because we are successful; we become successful because we are happy. My work with running The Happiness Project (since 1992) and Success Intelligence (since 1996) has taught me that happiness is the key to success.  Don’t have a job; have a purpose.  Don’t chase happiness; follow your joy!

8. Learn

Imagine that life is, right now, conspiring to teach you a lesson about genuine success and happiness. I designed the Success NOW calendar to help you get clear about what true success is for you. I believe that success is a learning curve, and the more you learn about true success, the happier you will be.

9. Enjoy the journey

Success isn’t just about fast-forward; it’s also about pressing “pause,” “stop,” and “play.”Surely a good measure of success is to make sure you are actually enjoying your life.  Sometimes we can get a bit too serious about conversations to do with ‘meaning,’ ‘purpose’ and ‘success’; perhaps we are simply meant to enjoy the miracle of creation.

10. Just be

Are you the sort of person who lights up a room when you walk in, or when you walk out? On the most profound level of all, success is about being the person you most want to become.

Success Now Perpetual Flip Calendar by Robert Holden, Ph.D RRP $22.95 is available from all leading retailers. Visit hayhouse.com.au for more information.

2 Responses to “10 Quick Tips for Success Now – Dr Robert Holden”
  1. This post has summarised everything that I have learned over the past year.

    Only one week ago I returned from the most spritually transformation journey to Bali. (Oh, and yes, I did meet the palm reader from Eat, Pray, Love… that’s a story in itself… but the best bit is the unexpected healing from the grandson of a king!).

    As a reasult of my resent journey, I have finally released the busyness from my life.

    The past 4 years, for me, has been filled with an insane busyness that at the end of the day, has only sent me around the hampster wheel a few million times.

    As a result of my discovery of calmess and peace within my mind, some amazing things have happened. And they have occured in a matter of only two weeks! These are things I have been trying to achieve for the past 4 years without success!!!

    So finally, I am off the hampster wheel, and I have calm to thank for that. I did have to remove myself from my family and in fact, my country for this to occur, but nevertheless, I achieved far more than I ever expected.

    Thank you Dr Holden, your blog sums up my learnings over the past year beautifully.

  2. Ornella says:

    This is a very interesting time, when a year comes to an end and we look to a new year. I think that right from the get go it can sometimes cause anxiety. The thought of something coming to an end is sad and unknown, atleast that’s the way I interpret it. I know I’ve heard people say ‘Oh I can’t wait till this year is over’ (because they have had a lot of stress and heart ache in the past year). But yet when the year finally comes to a close some of these same people tend to look back and say well maybe it wasn’t that bad after all.Now, not knowing what the new year may bring.
    For me personally I’m usually an easy going person,positive, always trying to make the sad one smile; but this time of year brings about alot of reflection on what I’ve expierenced in the last year and some years have been very sad but with so many happy moments as well. Other years go by with wonderful memories and maybe little heart aches and stresses.Though I’m always sad to see a year go by. I haven’t yet figured out exactly why! I’m not hung up on age, I feel with age we become more wise and more in control of our lives so that’s a great thing! I can guess it’s the the unknown that makes it uneasy or maybe it’s all the energy in the World that is absorbed and they say that there are certain anxiety and stresses in the air at certain times of the year and maybe this could be the unexplained issue. Something we don’t see, but it’s an energy that travels among us that we can’t control. Although I feel with positive thoughts and good intentions makes it less difficult for each individual! Depending on how they look at life. Did that make sense? LOL I can get so caught up in this I can talk in circles; but I know I understood what I’m saying. I just hope it comes out the same way that I’m meaning it.LOL I know I can be exhausting at times! LOL I may need a nap after this. LOL
    As Far as Happiness that is it’s own Success Story! People that know me know that I’m a big promoter on being happy and everything else follows. Of course it doesn’t mean all the riches and fancy cars and material things! Although in a lot of cases that can happen too. I mean when you are Pure in Real Happiness there are other things that bring you Joy not just the material things that are instant and fade just as quick but the ever lasting Joys like great times with family or friends that maybe closer to you than family. My point is when you have Happiness You don’t need the wining ticket .You already have it. Alot of us choose to wear the unfocused googles and want things that others have, but they don’t really see the full picture.Taking time for ourselves to really listen and look at what makes us happy is the key! I loved when you said ‘Real success is about discerning between busyness and purpose, urgency and importance, activity and genuine accomplishment.’ I think a lot of people forget that! My favourite one is number 9 Enjoy the Journey. I try to do that! I’m off track from time to time but I know it. Thanks to reading these types of things it’s a constant reminder so Thank You.
    One last thing I want to share something I often say….CREATE YOUR OWN DREAMS & LIVE THEM~BE POSITIVE IN THIS LIFE TIME IT’S THE ONLY ONE THAT COUNTS right NOW!

    Have a good one~

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