How To Relax And De-Stress – Wayne W. Dyer

YOU LIVE IN A UNIVERSE that has limitless potential for joy built into the creation process. Your Source, which we call the universal mind of intention, adores you beyond anything you can possibly imagine. When you adore yourself in the same proportion, you’re matched up with the field of intention, and you’ve opted for the path of no resistance. As long as you have even a pinch of an ego, you’ll retain some resistance, so I urge you to take the path in which resistance is minimized.

The shape and quantity of your thoughts determine the amount of resistance. Thoughts that generate bad feelings are resistant thoughts. Any thought that puts a barrier between what you would like to have and your ability to attract it into your life is resistance.

Your intention is to live a tranquil life, free of stress and anxiety. You know that stress doesn’t exist in the world, and that there are only people thinking stressful thoughts. Stressful thoughts all by themselves are a form of resistance. You don’t want stressful, resistant thoughts to be your habitual way of reacting to your world. By practicing thoughts of minimal resistance, you’ll train yourself to make this your natural way of reacting, and eventually you’ll become the tranquil person you desire to be, a stress-free person free of the “dis-ease” that stress brings to the body. Stressful thoughts all by themselves are the resistance that you construct that impedes your connection to the power of intention.

“By practicing thoughts of minimal resistance, you’ll train yourself to make this your natural way of reacting, and eventually you’ll become the tranquil person you desire to be”

We’re in a world that advertises and promotes reasons to be anxious. You’ve been taught that feeling good in a world where so much suffering exists is an immoral stance to take. You’ve been convinced that choosing to feel good in bad economic times, in times of war, in times of uncertainty or death, or in the face of any catastrophe anywhere in the world is crass and inappropriate. Since these conditions will always be in the world someplace, you believe you can’t have joy and still be a good person. But it may not have occurred to you that in a universe based on energy and attraction, thoughts that evoke feeling bad originate in the same energy Source that attracts more of the same into your life. These are resistant thoughts.

Here are some examples of sentences on the path of resistance, which are then changed to sentences on the path of least resistance.

I feel uneasy about the state of the economy; I’ve already lost so much money.

I live in an abundant universe; I choose to think about what I have and I will be fine. The universe will provide.

I have so many things to do that I can never get caught up.

I’m at peace in this moment. I’ll only think about the one thing I’m doing. I will have peaceful thoughts.

I can never get ahead in this job.

I choose to appreciate what I’m doing right now, and I’ll attract an even greater opportunity.

My health is a huge concern. I worry about getting old and becoming dependent and sick.

I’m healthy, and I think healthy. I live in a universe that attracts healing, and I refuse to anticipate sickness.

My family members are causing me to feel anxious and fearful.

I choose thoughts that make me feel good, and this will help me uplift those family members in need.

I don’t deserve to feel good when so many people are suffering.

I didn’t come into a world where everyone is going to have the same identical experiences. I’ll feel good, and by being uplifted, I’ll help eradicate some of the suffering.

I can’t be happy when the person I really care about loves another and has abandoned me.

Feeling bad won’t change this scenario. I trust that love will return to my life if I’m in harmony with the loving Source. I choose to feel good right now and focus on what I have, rather than what’s missing.

All stressful thoughts represent a form of resistance you wish to eradicate. Change those thoughts by monitoring your feelings and opting for joy rather than anxiety. Remember that your natural state is joy. You are a product of joy and love; it’s natural for you to experience these feelings. Remind yourself as frequently as necessary: I come from peace and joy. I must stay in harmony with that from which I came in order to fulfill my dreams and desires. I choose to stay in my natural state.

Much Love,


2 Responses to “How To Relax And De-Stress – Wayne W. Dyer”
  1. Ornella says:

    Wow I can’t believe I understood what I just read! I’m not questioning my intellegence because I feel as though Iam quite bright, lets just say, not in all areas.LOL
    Anyhow you have explained this so elequintly, a way I would of never been able to do; but understanding it takes time for me to rearrange the thoughts in my mind of what’s been said. So I may be all over the place with this but I definitely want to express my thought on it. So thank you in advance for the opportunity Dr. Dwyer. Why is that! That people feel quilt of having feelings for whatever they are expierencing. Especially ones of happiness and joy.Even when there is so much saddness and violence and negativity. I myself just went through something that was very sad (losing someone dear to us from Alzhiemers). But yet in the midst of it I refused to erase the feelings of enjoyment that I was having with my family during that time. I never felt guilty of that. I don’t think I could of ever done that before. I’m not sure when things changed where I was able to seperate the fact that yes there is stress & saddness from time to time with different things and more often than not.And yes this can cause stress and anxiety; but it doesn’t mean that the joy has to be gone. There was a time when you would see someone at a funeral home laughing and talking loudly ,well I would of thought they didn’t care about what was going on, because I was raised to think that the mood should be sad and somber, so I was told; but instead now I find myself doing the same thing, and not because I’m not sad but because I’m thinking of the person and how great they were and how they brought joy to us. I guess it’s because i’m not making it about myself and what I’m going to miss but instead feeling happy that I knew the person that has now moved on.
    When you talk about training yourself to have minimal resistant thoughts and then you will become Tranquil, Is that not surpressing what we may really be feeling? Or does it just allow us to handle a situation with more ease, I’m thinking the latter!
    I have always been a deep thinker but a very stressed out thinker! LOL But I would say in the last 10 years or so with the help of great people like yourself and many others that try to make our wonderful journey of life, a way that can be understood a little better and easier to go through. I feel fortunate to even have an interest in wanting to know.
    At night one of my prayers are Thank you God for making me aware and for wanting to be aware.
    Thanks again Dr.Dwyer. I guess it does begin with Loving yourself (adore) there has been an on going joke with family and friends because I ws forever saying to them when asked of course I would say yes I Love Myself and I also say if I didn’t I wouldn’t be capable of loving you! There’s never a come back on that one! LOL

    Good Night Dr. Dwyer~

  2. Ornella says:

    My apologies Dr. Dyer! I spelt your name Dwyer! My daughter has a little boy in her class Sean Dwyer! It’s late I should of waited till morning to write my apologies again!

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