5 Top Tips For Transforming Old Beliefs – Louise L. Hay

What do you want to change in your own life? Do you know which of your thought patterns are contributing to the unwanted situation? However long you’ve held on to these beliefs, understand that they no longer support you, and it is okay to let them go now. You can manifest a new future for yourself, one filled with joy and love.

When you feel ready to start on the mental work, the following tips will help you examine and transform your beliefs.

1. Discover where you have unconsciously picked up you negative and detrimental messages from. For instance, what are the things you parents said were “wrong” with you? What did they say about money? What did they say about your body? What did they say about love and relationships? If you can, just look objectively at your list and say to yourself, “So that’s where that belief came from.” Remember, you cannot make positive changes in your life until you recognize the beliefs you currently hold.

2. Replace your “shoulds”. I believe that should is one of the most damaging words in our language. Every time we use it, we are, in effect, saying that we are wrong, or we were wrong. Replace should with could.

“give the thought no importance Just see it for what it is – another way to keep yourself stuck in the past.”

3. For each category listed below, write down your greatest fear. Then place a positive affirmation that would counteract that fear next to it.

–       Career

–       Living situation

–       Family relations

–       Money

–       Physical appearance

–       Sex

–       Health

–       Relationships

–       Old age

5. Nip the negative thought in the bud.  When a negative thought comes into your mind, such as “I’ll never amount to anything”, give the thought no importance Just see it for what it is – another way to keep yourself stuck in the past.

This is an edited extract taken from Louise L. Hay’s new book, Modern Day Miracles, available now at all leading retailers. CLICK HERE for more information.

Hay House is giving away one lucky reader a copy of this book to the best response to the question: “What is your favourite affirmation and why?” Post it here at the end of this blog! Offer ends this Friday, October 5.

Good Luck xx

14 Responses to “5 Top Tips For Transforming Old Beliefs – Louise L. Hay”
  1. Gina Simon-Blease says:

    ‘What is my favourite affirmation and why?’

    I heal self and others in my God space
    I create love joy and harmony
    I am loving whom I am and attract
    light where ever I go and share this
    light with all that is
    I am loving where I am right now

    For me this affirmation is one that encompasses myself and others in a place of light and healing, and sharing compassion which is unconditional love ❤

    aka Harriett Potty

  2. Ornella says:

    Hi Louise,
    Well where do I start this is a fully loaded piece of information and tips. I get so excited to answer things like this because no answer is really wrong. How do you judge someone who has their own life expierences and how it effects them. I was just recently reading John Edward ‘s new Book Infinite Quest & one of the exercises in there is just what you were saying about different things in life and how we feel about them. In this exercise it was about our goals & what we have accomplished and what we have yet to accomplish. I don’t think anyone knows how powerful this is until they are actually doing it. I have other great books of yours Ms. Hay and this one looks like it would definitely be on the top of my list. For me it’s different I only had positive feed from my parents I felt loved and protected and my parents never compared us as sibblings;but there was another force in the family dynamic and that was illness. My Father had Leukimia. At the age of 39 he was diagnosed and died at the age of 45. His Birthday is today November 1st 1934 and he would of been 76 years old. I was only 9 when he died so with that expierence there are other feelings and upset that go with it. (Fear of illness, abandonment, neglect to a certain extent because of certain priorities.)Obviously as loving as my parents were, having the father of the household ill in those times were scarry because how would a family survive if he was the only bread winner. But we did and here we are! As much as I have my own issues as many do Iam a very confident person in who Iam and I thank them for that. When I say what I’m going to say, people don’t understand but I wouldn’t change a thing about my expierence. Of course to have had my father would of been great but it wasn’t in the cards, so I have to make the new situation great. Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t always been easy; but as an adult having all these wonderful Authurs like yourself and John Edward and many others that have had a huge impact on how I deal with things has made it easier. So my question to you is how is it that with a fear based childhood with loosing a parent at a young age. What makes it different for one to go on and continue to grow in this world & for another to be to be frozen in the time of loss and upset. An affirmation I have, not only for myself but for everyone is to feel what they feel and to move through it. The reason is that everyone deserves to be Happy and smile in life again and again even after heart ache, loss and fear. As I child I felt guilty enjoying things without my dad but my mom encouraged it and now I encourage others to get out of their saddness or their doubt in themselves becuause life is prescious ad so is every single individual.For me I know my dad wouldn’t want me to be sad or doubt myself or hold on to the fear that creeps up from time to time from child hood expierences.Instead he is probably one of the forces that pushes me forward. So Happy Birthday Dad I know your cruisin around here somewhere or I wouldn’t be writing on The amazing Louise Hay’s Blog! It’s been all positive thinking and positive energy that has gotten me this far in life as a wife, a mother, a career women but most of all a positive ME! Negative doesn’t play a part & when it creeps it’s ugly head I usually get rid of it Fast .LOL Past is in the past for a reason. Just move forward~
    Good Night or Morning whichever is right where you are and Thank you for the opportunity.

    Ornella From Canada~

    • Ornella – you are one extremely special person and this was wonderful reading.
      It is in my mind without doubt that thos of us who have not experienced the tumultuous times in our lives would not be the beautiful caring people we are today. Our journeys have not onlly helped us to grow but also have given to those we help much, much more. The connection with you is very strong for me and like you I love to read and soak in as much information as I can, yes I know that i KNOW but it helps to receive reassurance by reading, listening to audio, watching videos and just soaking in the spirit of those we are helping. even people we meet in the shops ior chance meetings – I have learned more from these than most. Intuitive I might be, but I have a huge heart and you after reading this and other writings of yours have left footprints on my heart. Thank you.
      Light, love and take care of the very special person you are,
      Katren xoxo

  3. Kathy says:

    “I am willing to learn to love myself”

    Changed my life, it was a vibrational match to where I was at the time when I heard it. I was willing and in a lot of ways I did need to learn how to be compassionate with myself and nurture myself 🙂

  4. Kat M says:

    “In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete” from Louise Hay. I like to use thisone because it covers everything and if not feeling great it instantly brings about a better state of mind.

  5. Theresa Chapman says:

    hmmm, i say various affirmations all day, continuously changing negative thoughts into positive affirmations….I am very grateful to Louise Hay, I was given her book when I was only 17yo and it was the beginning of self-development journey.

    There is an affirmation that seems to cover it all: “All is well.”

    Thank you 🙂

  6. Adrianne says:

    ‎”I am a powerful creator” – this affirmation kills off any self doubt or limiting beliefs. It instills a sense of control and hope. I love it and say it all the time 🙂

  7. Angela Polymeneas says:

    Since I have always had confidence issues I have found ‘I love myself the way I am and I love and accept others in the same way’, particularly liberating. This affirmation tells me that I am just as worthy to love as anyone else BECAUSE of my uniqueness.

  8. Courtney M says:

    I Love And Approve Of Myself Exactly As I Am –

    This is my favorite affirmation because it is the one that started me on my journey and I can always come back to at anytime I need to. It’s always relevant!

  9. Deborah Chikura says:

    l come from greatness ,l am greatness..
    l am in control of my thoughts

  10. Katren Gardner says:


    Sometimes we come to life’s crossroads
    And view what we think is the end
    But God had a much wider vision
    And he knows that its only a bend –
    The road will go on and get smoother
    And after we’ve stopped for a rest
    The path that lies hidden beyond us
    Is often the part that is best,
    So rest abd relax and grow stronger:
    Let go and et God share your load,
    And have faith in a brighter tomorrow –
    You’ve just come to a bend in the road.
    (Helen Steiner Rice)

    I reached a stage in my life when I curled up in the foetal position and really wanted to go ” home”, I found this and it really pulled me out of deep despair and I have shared it with many others who have come into my life and it has seemed to change the thought paterns and change lives forever – and so I share this with you in the hope that it can help others when they are feeling deep despair.

    Light, love and angelic hugs to all, Katren xoxo

  11. Ann-Marie Walshe says:

    Hi Louise,

    In 2000 i started suffering panic attacks, i had your little blue book for quite some time and believed in it 100% it all made sense. My doctor and my family wanted me to take medicatioon but i knew i did not need medication so I used your affirmation for anxiety “I love and approve of myself, trust in the process in life, i am safe” and within 3 weeks the panic attacks stopped. Until this day i have not suffered one since. I am a true believer that we create our own dis-eases and have the power to change our life / health. xx

  12. My favourite quote is: “Everything is the way it is meant to be, for me, right now”. This demonstrates unwavering faith in the universe and acceptance that what we DO NOT HAVE may actually be best for us at this time! For me, this quote defines what it is means to TRUST – which is hard to do when things aren’t going in the direction you think you want them to.

    We may have an enormous lesson to learn, need some time to heal or grow or simply to see the truth! Thank you dear Louise for keeping us positive & reassuring us that no matter what happens in life we are very much loved. Blessings, Betty x o

  13. Katren Gardner says:

    I charge my mind with releasing all negative blockages
    I love myself
    I like myself
    I accept myself
    I am love and light
    I am strong
    I am calm
    I am safe
    I am centred
    And I heavenly breathe in the positive now
    And I heavenly release all negativity
    That is not mine and all that is mine
    And I heavenly release the negative past
    And heavenly increase my own divine
    I am positive I believe in myself and I can do this
    Because I love myself

    I have given many copies of this to troubled souls and they put it on the bathroom mirror, in the bedroom, in their cars, handbags, diaries and workplace. It has helped so many people and I know how much it has helped me on the wonderful journey.

    Thankyou Louise – you are inspirational.

    Light and love and angel hugs, Katren xoxo

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