What is Etheric Cord Cutting? – Doreen Virtue

When we have fear-based attachments to a person or an object, we form spiritual leashes to keep the person or object from leaving or changing. These leashes look like surgical tubing and they grow larger as a function of the length and intensity of the relationship. So, the largest cords are to parents, siblings, and other longtime, intense relationships.

The cords are hollow tubes, and energy runs back and forth between the attached persons. These are fear-based cords, which are always unhealthy and based upon dysfunction. They have nothing to do with the love or the healthy part of the relationship. Cutting cords isn’t abandoning or divorcing a person; it’s releasing the unhealthy part of the relationship.

Let’s say that you have a cord attached to friend or relative who’s feeling depressed or needy. That person will begin draining energy from you, like siphoning fuel at a gas station. You’ll feel tired without knowing why. No amount of caffeine, exercise or sleep will be able to revive your energy if the source is etheric-cord draining.

“That person will begin draining energy from you, like siphoning fuel at a gas station.”

People who are professional helpers, such as teachers, counselors, and healers, often have a lot of cords attached to their students and patients. So it’s important to cut cords after every session of helping someone, or whenever you feel physical pain or lethargy without any apparent reason. Cords can grow back if the relationship resumes with fear mingled in it.

Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael

Michael carries a sword that cuts all attachments to negativity. Simply think the thought, ‘Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please cut the cords of fear that are draining my energy and vitality.’ Sit quietly while he cuts your cords. He’ll send healing energy through the severed cords to both you and the other person.

Cutting Cords to Material Objects

A telltale sign that you’re etherically corded to a material object is when it won’t sell at any price. Many people with whom I’ve worked have cords to their homes and automobiles, because a part of them doesn’t want to sell the item. Consequently, no amount of advertising or price slashing works.

Cords to objects generally grow from the bottom of the person’s feet and are attached to the part of the item where one is most attached. If you truly want to sell an item, ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords from the bottom of your feet, and be assured that something better will replace the item. Know that the next person who owns it will benefit from your generous “releasement.”

Doreen Virute is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops. Doreen is holding her Angel Intuitive workshop on the Sunshine Coast, November 2010. CLICK HERE for more information.

2 Responses to “What is Etheric Cord Cutting? – Doreen Virtue”
  1. Ornella says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine any better way of explaining that as you did. I’m a believer in a lot of this good and negative energy so it was easy for me to digest this information; but even if I didn’t you made it quite clear.
    I definitely have many many cords attached to me. It’s actually scarry to think of how many! I’m not the type to have attachments to material things I could care less of those things but I work with people and I’m a big people person so I can definitely use some cord cutting!
    I appreciate all this info. And I will be asking archangel Michael for some of that unleashing. I didn’t realize that we have the ability to cut the cord and then reattach it because I feel bad if I’m disconnecting completely! You don’t want to just leave people that may look to you for some emotional support. So I will be working on that!
    Thanks Ms. Virtue for the wonderful read.

  2. Kumaresh says:

    wow!! It is wonderful to know about this simple and easy technique to get rid of unhealthy aspects of relationships. Same topic I read in her book “Angel Therapy Handbook” yesterday evening. And I tried it but I don’t know how much I am successful since I am novice in this field. This information is very new for me. Thanks a lot to Ms. Virtue for making us aware of these easy and efficient techniques.
    It is a great pleasure to read her books and know so many techniques to get rid of negative things which make our life complex and difficult .

    Many many thanks to Ms. Virtue.


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