Prophetic Dreams – Leon Nacson

Do dreams predict the future? They do, and they don’t. Have dreams predicted the future successfully? They have, and they haven’t. Do situations occur that were dreamt of? Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

The point I’m trying to make is that it all depends on who is decoding the dream. It’s like travelling through the bush with an aboriginal tracker; so much can be explained by a simple imprint in the sand, a broken twig or a scent on a bush. A professional tracker is able to predict so much and tell a huge story. The same applies to a dream. If you’re able to read the symbols correctly, the emotions experienced and the thought processes that were being contemplated, like the bush tracker, it can be pinpointed with some accuracy of what might occur down the track.

The problem with relying on dreams to predict the future is that the symbols can be misinterpreted and conclusions can be hasty. Presently, there is so much hype around the release of the iphone. If you have had a dream of a young woman handing you an apple some might predict this as good health or temptation is in the future. But, because of all the publicity surrounding the apple iphone, it’s probably a desire that you are harbouring for a new communication device and there’s hope that a younger person can explain how to use it and how it’s going to make your life a lot simpler.

“The problem with relying on dreams to predict the future is that the symbols can be misinterpreted and conclusions can be hasty.”

Everyone knows that during the tsunami no wild animals drowned. The reason is that they all knew it was coming and made their way to higher grounds. Now, if we have arguably the most advanced brain in the universe, then surely we are able to come to the same conclusions. The difference between us and the rest of the animal kingdom is that we have developed the ability to let logic rule most of our thoughts. We need most things proven to us and we misread the signs that are staring at us right in front of our face.

Here are some examples. Parents dream the most awful dreams imaginable, dreams where their children pass away. These dreams occur regularly around the time children go through puberty. This dream is not about predicting the most awful situation imaginable, it’s predicting the death of the child and the birth of the young adult. It almost happens overnight. From one minute their asking what they should wear and the next minute, they’ll yell not to tell them how they should look. Read correctly, this dream is a very natural one for parents. Misread, it’s a future that doesn’t exist and a fear that should not raise much concern.

The most famous prophecy dream of all time is in the Bible when Joseph interpreted the dream of the Pharoah who dreamt of seven fat cows and seven skinny cows. Some would misread this dream and conclude that the Pharoah was lactose-intolerant, but Joseph, the prince of dream decoding, came up with the correct meaning that there would be seven years of abundance ahead, and there would be seven years of famine. This allowed the Pharoah to forward plan, and no one was hungry for the next 14 years. Now there are many more examples that I could give, but I would rather make the point with this one example that careful deliberation must be applied to a dream and its symbols before any conclusions can be made to be confident that a dream is predicting a possible outcome. One has to be as insightful as Sherlock Holmes.

The thing to remember the next time you have a dream that you feel that is fortelling some future event, is that firstly we all possess free will and we create our future by applying free will. This is an important fact to remember if you have a creepy dream. If you really don’t want it to happen then simply change your thoughts, change your words and change your actions and that particular future can no longer exist. Secondly, a lot of prophetic dreams can turn into self-fulfilling prophecies. For example if I said you will see a yellow umbrella within the next 30 days, most of you will see it and say I was right. The yellow umbrella was always going to be there, but as I brought your attention that you were going to see it, you noted its arrival.

There are, however, dreams that we have that are so obvious you don’t need to be a master tracker to work them out. You see a car crash, you see people getting run or vehicles out of control—it’s obvious, slow down, take it easy. Remember you’re seatbelt. Don’t park in dark alleys. Stop using your cell phone while driving. The dream is telling you that if you continue careless behaviour, there will be a problem. The point is don’t ignore the obvious. If you dream of lotto numbers, play them. If you see a tidal wave, move to higher ground—either physically or mentally. The tidal wave could be a wave of emotions or challenges that come your way and if you start thinking of the situation in a more spiritual manner and endeavour to get to the plains of higher consciousness, then no wave is going to drown you.

The good news is that any of the prophetic dreams that you have and you don’t like can be dismissed as just another dream by not giving it any power. And any prophetic dream that you like can be manifested by giving it your full attention.

Leon Nacson is the author of A Stream of Dreams available at all leading retailers or online by CLICKING HERE.

2 Responses to “Prophetic Dreams – Leon Nacson”
  1. Ornella says:

    Good Morning! I was happy to read this article on Dreams. I’m a big believer of Dreams and how the meaning is greater than we could ever understand. I am also familiar with someone by the name of Cynthia Richmond and it sounds as though you are both on the same page I have her book Dream Power and thoroughly enjoyed it and will most definitely look for this book as well.
    I also believe it is all in the interpretation! I feel that all dreams, yes I think I’m confident enough to think that all dreams are telling of some story that we misinterpret but I believe the dream is not False, yes things and thoughts change but the original Play and act is dreamt but than it’s partially out of our control to redirect it or maybe to stay on top of it as things change all the time. I feel that I put a lot of thought into how we dream and what they mean but for everyone to live like this it would have to be their main career because it’s a lot of work. I expieremented with strickly writing down dreams and all that and it’s a huge committment but I recommend people to try it, it’s amazing. I still do record but not everyday. Having a busy family makes it sometimes difficult;but that’s okay.
    Thanks for this read! and I’ll keep Dreaming!

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