Ever Wondered What You Were in a Past Life? – Jenny Smedley

Have you ever jokingly said, ‘I must have been someone really good (or bad!) to have the life I’m living now?’ Deep inside, do you seriously wonder if you might have had one or more past lives? Or perhaps you do believe in past lives, and often wonder who you might have been and whether it makes any difference to how you live today.

I can answer some of your questions right away: Yes, you have had past lives, and yes, they do affect your current life. How do I know this without even knowing your name? I know you have had past lives because, for you to be aware enough even to ask the question, you must also have had past lives, or you wouldn’t be so spiritually open. As for past lives affecting your current life, I can answer yes, they do, because they always do affect every one of us in one way or another.

Just as your childhood in this life-helped mould you into the person you are now, mentally and emotionally, so past lives moulded your soul into the emotional and energetic way it is now. Just as a childhood trauma in thislife can leave you damaged in some way, or lead you down a certain path, so a past-life trauma can have caused you to emerge into this life damaged in some way.

“…past lives moulded your soul into the emotional and energetic way it is now.”

Of course it can work in reverse, too: Some special talent or gift developed over the course of a previous life can mean that you started this one with a big head-start, being incredibly and unnaturally talented, as with a child prodigy.

A belief in reincarnation (having had one or many past lives and having returned to another physical body after each death) is the single most common creed in the world, and roughly 75 per cent of the world’s population accept it as a fact. Whether you are one of those 75 per cent who believe in reincarnation or not, you will have at least heard of the concept of karma and balance.

The wonderfully funny TV show, My Name Is Earl, depicts someone who believes his life will be good if he completes the tasks on a list that contains all the bad deeds he’s done in his life and what he needs to do to make up for them. He believes that karma governs every move he makes, and that if he makes the right move he’ll be rewarded, and if he makes the wrong move he’ll be punished. The show doesn’t have it all right, of course, but this comical look at karma has at least brought the concept into mainstream television.

Karma isn’t really about crime and punishment or good deeds and reward; it’s more like a balance sheet of wisdom, and that wisdom is what we learn through our multiple lives and the various lessons we experience in them.

The more these lessons from the past are accepted and understood, the greater our capacity to have a trouble-free and even blessed current life. If you’re curious about your past lives and the state of your karma, and if the concept that perhaps your past lives could hold the key to current life happiness interests you, then this book will help you understand important truths that may be missing from your existence.

Do you believe in angels? Perhaps you’d like to, but you need a firm concept that you can come to grips with rather than the common thinking that angels are unreachable beings that don’t really have anything to do with you. Did you ever think that there might be some special angel you could really relate to and that might help guide you through lifetimes? Did you ever think that you could have a relationship with an angel that was as close as … well, having a relationship with yourself? Well, you can, and these beings are what I call Soul Angels.

An expert on past lives and pets, Jenny Smedley is also a renowned spiritual healer, advisor and therapist. Her book, Soul Angels, is available at all leading retailers. CLICK HERE for more information.

5 Responses to “Ever Wondered What You Were in a Past Life? – Jenny Smedley”
  1. Ornella says:

    Wow, I really enjoyed reading this Ms. Smedley. Living Past Lives? Absolutely I wouldn’t say I always believed that because I was kind of fearful of it, not really understanding it. I remember as a teen the whole thing about Shirley Maclean thinking she was here before was Bizarre to me. And now I think she was ahead of the game! As far as Karma of course that has to be a huge part of our existance. And for me it’s not about rewards or punishment it’s about Spiritual growth and evolving to a better being. What bigger gift can there be? If your refering to a television show I’ll refer to a movie “PAY IT FORWARD” with Kevin Spacey! That should be viewed in every school around the world. I believe that Life does unravell the way it does in that movie or in any of our own personally movies that are known as our Lives. The great thing is we are the producers and directors and if we screw up well we can give it another shot. Life can be and should be a Beautiful thing .I think with all the obstcles in Life we forget the true Beauty of it. I often say to my family especially my kids, I must of been a bad person in a past life, and they say why? I say because I’m doing everything for everyone in this life! Obviously kidding because we do so much for our kids now a days and then we all have a good Laugh & it brings up the topic & they all have an imput. That’s the great thing about this topic now as to 30 years ago when I was already interested in it and no one talked about it, an now people talk about it alot more and that’s great thing, but also everyone has free will to believe what they want to believe I don’t feel there should ever be arguements about our indiviual thoughts. So Ms. Smedley thank you for the opportunity.
    I will definitely look into the book.
    Sincerely Ornella~

  2. I am most definitely one of the 75% who believes in past lives.

    I went to the Hay House I can do it seminar in Sydney this year and had an amazing journey back to my past life with Dr Brian Weiss.

    In this life my dad is a quadriplegic as a result of a work accident 14 years ago. When I went back to my past life, I was from a wealthy estate however I moved away to live my dream. I entered that past life getting off a boat and being rushed by a maid to my home and rushed up stairs to be with my dying father in his last moments. I was the business mind of the family so I was asked to take over the estate. To do this, I had to give up all of my dreams for my own life but i did so because it was my fathers dying wish.

    At the end of that life, I saw my life review and there was a lot of sadness for my lost dreams.

    I was then shown the relationship between the two lives. My father now was my father then. In this life, he hass become a quadriplegic and given up his quality of life and as a result I have created a product that will revolutionise health and wellbeing for people with disability, ailment and dis-ease.

    Basically, I gave up my life for him and now he has returned the favour. The moment I learned this it was incredibly powerful! I haven’t told my dad but I am going to make the most of the incredible sacrifice he has made in this life for me.

  3. That’s true karma Wendy isn’t it, not punishment (as some see it) but taking a choice to change things.

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